Final Light – ‘Final Light’ [Album Review]

The self-titled debut from Final Light should really be celebrated for reminding us all of the importance of music, art and creativity in addressing the many wrongs of the world.

Werewolves – ‘From the Cave to the Grave’ [Album Review]

Australian death metal trio Werewolves are back with ‘From the Cave to the Grave,’ thirty more minutes of unrelenting, bile-drenched hate.

Sgt. Splendor – ‘Occasions for Self-Congratulations’ [Album Review]

Occasions for Self-Congratulations is the title of Sgt. Splendor’s debut album, which dropped just a few days ago. A new project, Sgt. Splendor is made up of Kate Vargas (vocals) and Eric McFadden (vocals, guitar). Talking about the new release, Vargas says, “This record draws heavily from what we experienced during lockdown. It’s an abstract expression

Paul Winter Consort – ‘Concert in the Barn’ [Album Review]

On Paul Winter Consort’s latest album, ‘Concert in the Barn,’ there is such clear jubilation and celebratory exuberance that it sparks and crackles, welcoming the approach of the sun and the promise of what the future holds.

Grey Daze – ‘The Phoenix’ [Album Review]

Grey Daze will always be associated with Chester Bennington but new album ‘The Phoenix’ is the perfect way to keep his memory alive.

Blue Amber – ‘Rockland’s Workshop’ [Album Review]

Although experimental, Blue Amber’s debut, ‘Rockland’s Workshop,’ comprehends an integral structure of careful arrangement and rhythmic pulsations, making it a rewarding listening experience.

KHARTOUM – ‘Some Days’ [EP] [Album Review]

With ‘Some Days’ (Young Poet Records), KHARTOUM parades their gift for modern-laced alt-rock spiced with retro tangs from the ’70s.

Vatican – ‘Ultra’ [Album Review]

For the most part, Savannah metalcore crew Vatican’s new album ‘Ultra’ (UNFD Records) is a brutal display of chaotic metalcore.

Nova Twins – ‘Supernova’ [Album Review]

Nova Twins, one of the most exciting UK acts around, release their explosive new album, ‘Supernova’ (Marshall Records).

IANAI – ‘Sunir’ [Album Review]

IANAI’s debut album, ‘Sunir’ (Svart Records), succeeds in all the ways that sonic contemporaries like Explosions In The Sky and Sigur Rós do in terms of the acoustic, dramatic, cinematic, or ecstatic.

Exocrine – ‘The Hybrid Suns’ [Album Review]

French tech/death heavyweights Exocrine return with another masterclass of heaviness in the form of ‘The Hybrid Suns.’

Motionless In White – ‘Scoring The End of the World’ [Album Review]

Cyber-horror metal stars Motionless In White get cinematic on their new album ‘Scoring The End of the World.‘ Read our thoughts on it here.