“I was kicked off the Honours programme but didn’t care, I just wanted to cover songs”

Content Creator talks about his career, gateway into heavy music and the shifting music landscape post-lockdown.


Escuela Grind – ‘Memory Theater’ [Album Review]

Escuela Grind’s new album ‘Memory Theater’ explodes like the proverbial angry bull in a china shop, and the band is quickly becoming impossible to ignore.


For those who long for snotty punk coupled with dissonant guitars and driving rhythm, the MVLL CRIMES EP ‘YOU EMBRVASS ME’ (Cursed Blessings Records) is your first stop.

GAEREA – ‘Mirage’ [Album Review]

Visceral, haunting, yet staggeringly beautiful in places, GAEREA’s ‘Mirage’ (Season of Mist) is a cathartic contender for the underground black metal record of this year.

Sam Valdez – “Charlie” [Song Review]

Like an exegesis of an individual’s life, “Charlie” pulsates on brooding tones topped by the evocative voice of Sam Valdez.

Sarah Shafey – ‘Blackbox Universe’ [Album Review]

Characterized by scrummy suffusions of lustrous electro-pop and the crème de la crème voice of Sarah Shafey, ‘Blackbox Universe’ is a gem of an album.

Electric Callboy – ‘Tekkno’ [Album Review]

In these tough times, we need to party harder than ever. German techno/metallers Electric Callboy have the perfect soundtrack in ‘Tekkno.’

KEN mode – ‘NULL’ [Album Review]

If variety is the spice of life, KEN mode’s ‘NULL’ (Artoffact Records) is serving up an absolute punishing flight of hot ones that even Shawn Evans would enjoy.

Omophagia – ‘Rebirth in Black’ [Album Review]

Omophagia’s new album ‘Rebirth in Black’ (Unique Leader Records) is a savage sonic assault. Come and read our thoughts on this slab of brutality here.

Phobophilic – ‘Enveloping Absurdity’ [Album Review]

Keen for a good, traditional romp through the dirtier streets of the old-school death metal scene? Look no further than Phobophilic’s latest offering, ‘Enveloping Absurdity’ (Prosthetic Records).

Clutch – ‘Sunshine on Slaughter Beach’ [Album Review]

‘Sunshine on Slaughter Beach’ (Weathermaker Music) clearly declares that Clutch will continue to both experiment with their signature sound, and evolve.

Irist – ‘Gloria’ [EP] [Album Review]

Atlanta progressive death metal group Irist follow up their debut with ‘Gloria,’ a short but stunning collection. Read our review here.

Behemoth – ‘Opvs Contra Natvram’ [Album Review]

With their 12th studio album, ‘Opvs Contra Natvram,’ Poland’s extreme metal titans Behemoth have compiled a mostly captivating record with a ton of potential for future work.

Vicious Fun (Shudder) [Movie Review]

Our resident horror expert, We’re Wolves frontman AJ Diaferio, reviews the Shudder original ‘Vicious Fun.’ To watch, or not to watch… find out!

“Monolithic Undertow: In Search of Sonic Oblivion” by Harry Sword [Book Review]

At its heart, Harry Sword’s ‘Monolithic Undertow’ (out via Third Man Books) is a book that tries to describe, decode, explain and provide a profundity of examples of the drone in its many forms.

“Bands do BK: A Guide to Brooklyn, by Bands, for Everyone” by Sam Sumpter [Book Review]

In her new book, ‘Bands do BK’ (Lit Riot Press), author/journalist Sam Sumpter consults an impressive cross-section of Brooklyn’s music scene, asking them what their favourite spots are in the borough.

Between Exultation and Aggression – An Extreme/Death Metal Documentary Film (Noise Dosage Media) [Documentary Review]

Creator/director Jon Lambert delivers ‘Between Exultation and Aggression’ (Noise Dosage Media), a bare-bones extreme music documentary that tackles the subject matter with no bullshit and even fewer frills.

“STAG” – A film by Alexandra Spieth [Movie Review]

Bottom line: the strength of Alexandra Spieth’s new horror-comedy ‘STAG’ is its seamless ability to integrate the conversational, natural dialogue steeped in antagonism and unclear motives.

It Came from Aquarius Records (by Kenneth Thomas) [Documentary Review]

Overall, ‘It Came from Aquarius Records’ (by Kenneth Thomas) successfully weaves its tale with enough charm to spill over into other documentaries one might wish would be made about its charming cast of personalities.