“Every day I wake up and I don’t feel like I belong on this planet.”

American rock singer Tuk Smith talks openly about his tough childhood, drugs, rebellion and more in our latest cover story.


Lamedd – ‘Permit’ [EP] [Album Review]

Enigmatic and at times darkly poignant, Lamedd’s EP ‘Permit’ vibrates with complex, emerging sonic milieus, offering an alternative paradigm of reality.

What Strange Beasts – ‘Starlight’s Castaways’ [Album Review]

Washington-based psychedelic prog-rock band What Strange Beasts releases their album, Starlight’s Castaways, a lengthy body of music encompassing 26 tracks. According to drummer/vocalist Jonathan Maxwell, “We built this album around a space theme to reflect on feelings of distance, isolation, loss, introspection, and ultimately the relief of interpersonal connection. We wrote that which we felt

Coely – “Kaos” [Song Review]

“Kaos” (Top Notch Belgium/Universal Music) delivers susceptibility, fervour, and emotional urgency, all conveyed by the crème de la crème voice of Coely.

The Magician & The Aston Shuffle – “Differences” [Song Review]

Riding a low-slung pushing beat, The Magician and The Aston Shuffle’s single, “Differences” (Potion Records/Sony Music), blends modern dance savours with touches of yummy vintage aspects.

KILLCODE – “Let’s Get Back to Rock n Roll” [Song Review]

Clear-cut and down-to-earth, KILLCODE’s “Let’s Get Back to Rock n Roll” (Mother West) delivers powerful surfaces of raw, elementary rock and roll.

joan – “Nervous” [Song Review]

Overflowing with infectious rhythmic beats, polychromatic surfaces, and stylish pop savors, joan’s “nervous” evokes the sensation of a first crush.

Get Out – ‘The Violation of Terms and Conditions’ [Album Review]

Replete with unexpectedly superb vocal harmonies, as well as pungent pop-punk oomph, Get Out’s ‘The Violation of Terms and Conditions’ is splendid.

Hilning – ‘Råtijinn’ [Album Review]

Hilning’s latest album ‘Råtijinn’ (Suicide Records), conjures up as much shamanistic fervour as it does berserker rage: all in all, an excellent offering and an artist to keep in the crosshairs.

The Hunger – “Tears To Cry” [Song Review]

Heaving with potent melodic magnetism and wicked sonic depth, The Hunger’s “Tears To Cry” (Wake Up! Music Rocks) throbs with a sense of dark, weighty imminence.

Alma Mater – “Fading Moon” [Single Review]

Completely alluring and vibrant, with “Fading Moon,” Alma Mater delivers tantalizing, gorgeously wrought music.

TEROUZ – “Tiger Girl” [Song Review]

“Tiger Girl,” the new track from Montreal singer-songwriter TEROUZ, drips with voluptuous sonic leitmotifs, as well as sashaying gloss, inducing cool, feline opulence. Talking about the song, Terouz says, “‘Tiger Girl’ is a testament to resilient women and the empowering effects they have on not just other women, but people altogether.” He adds, “Think of

Chris Ianuzzi – “Lonesome Highway Superstar” [Song Review]

New York-based avant-garde electronic music artist Chris Ianuzzi recently released the music video for “Lonesome Highway Superstar,” a track from his latest album, Maze. The video, created in collaboration with Ethem Serkan Sökmen and İlke Köse, utilizes cutting-edge Disco Diffusion and Stable Diffusion AI image generation technology. Talking about the song, Ianuzzi shares, “It’s a