V13 Cover Story 025 - Amon Tobin - May 29th, 2023


“You’ve got to put some legwork in if you care about what you have in your life.”

In our latest Cover Story, Electronic artist Amon Tobin talks about his label Nomark Records, how to stay true to your creative vision, and the shifting landscape in the creative world.


International Furlough – “Blind in One Eye” [Song Review]

Almost doom-like, International Furlough’s single “Blind in One Eye” pulsates with wicked, black kinesis, evoking primal expressions of foreboding gravity.

AJJ – ‘Disposable Everything’ [Album Review]

With ‘Disposable Everything’ (Hopeless Records), AJJ are arguably at the peak of their craft. The band successfully displays their full range while still remaining as quirky as ever.

Damien Musto – “Cry For Help” [Song Review]

Akin to an articulate cry of utter desolation, Damien Musto’s “Cry For Help” renders inner emotional anguish into expressive verses.

Skin On Flesh – ‘Terrible and Sad’ [EP] [Album Review]

Skin On Flesh’s new EP ‘Terrible and Sad’ is monstrously good, surging with visceral energy, hammering percussion, and the compelling voice of Laura Jiménez Alvarez.

Petty Human Emotions – ‘Petty Human Emotions’ [Album Review]

Every element of Petty Human Emotions’ self-titled album radiates vapours of elegiac sentiment, giving the album an engrossing sorrow.

Ships Have Sailed – “Silence” [Song Review]

Elegiac yet peppered with tinges of hopefulness, Ships Have Sailed’s “Silence” projects the mysterious energy and serenity of being enveloped in stillness.

Cal Wilson – ‘In Your Head’ [Album Review]

Characterized by Beatles-esque essence suffused with hints of sadness, In Your Head offers a delicious merger of ’60s alt-rock and pop.

Middle Part – ‘Time Is Elastic’ [EP] [Album Review]

Simultaneously contemporary and retro, with ‘Time Is Elastic’ (Little Planet Music), Middle Part expresses charming vulnerability and intimacy.