“When you get to a certain age, some kind of hurricane happens in your life: and that’s where you’ll meet yourself”

Jay Malinowski dives into Bedouin Soundclash’s attitude toward defying genres, eschewing social media, and his method behind painting their latest album’s artwork.


Scott Goldbaum – ‘Protector’ [EP] [Album Review]

Shot through with myriad suffusions of diaphanous surfaces capped by the cashmere voice of Scott Goldbaum, ‘Protector’ is grandly wrought.

Scott Krokoff – “Almost There” [Song Review]

Scott Krokoff’s new single/video, “Almost There,” captures the sensation of trying to break through the in-built barriers of artistic achievement.

Spiritworld – ‘DEATHWESTERN’ [Album Review]

A soundtrack that teeters on the edge of hell itself; welcome to Las Vegas horror-western hardcore thrashers Spiritworld’s new album ‘DEATHWESTERN’ (Century Media Records).

Emma Jayne – “Gallery Wall” [Song Review]

Emma Jayne’s “Gallery Wall” is full to the brim, as her emotional lyrics convey a story of vulnerability, hope, and gratitude for the life she shares with her partner of three and a half years.

Billy Strings – ‘Me/and/Dad’ [Album Review]

Given the high calibre of ‘Me/and/Dad’ (Rounder Records), it’s not long before Billy Strings is a household name beyond the confinements of the genre of bluegrass.

Brenda Carsey – “Man of Mine” [Song Review]

Shaded by luscious, soulful savours tinted with sweet, syrupy aromas, Brenda Carsey’s “Man of Mine” articulates the devotion of true love.

Front Row Seats – “On My Mind” [Song Review]

Ireland’s Front Row Seats recently released their anticipated track “On My Mind,” bringing fresh air to the fall season with their calming yet charming production and vocals.

No Signal – “Embers” [Song Review]

Simultaneously complex and full of wintry shadows, No Signal’s single “Embers” (No Label Productions) aches with a sonic bluish glow fading to deep grey.

Minas – ‘All My Love Has Failed Me’ [Album Review]

Innovative and divulging unbridled candour, Minas’ ‘All My Love Has Failed Me’ (Libertino Records) expresses a policy of unadorned, hard-hitting veracity.

He Is Legend – ‘ENDLESS HALLWAY’ [Album Review]

Wilmington, NC heavy rock road dogs He Is Legend deliver big with their 7th studio album, ‘Endless Hallway’ (Spinefarm Records); a solid addition to their growing catalogue.

Tuk Smith and the Restless Hearts – ‘Ballad Of A Misspent Youth’ [Album Review]

Tuk Smith and the Restless Hearts relive their wild past on new album ‘Ballad of a Misspent Youth’. Read our review here.

Aaron James – ‘Nobody Really Makes Love Anymore’ [Album Review]

At once velvety and inquisitive, Aaron James’s new album ‘Nobody Really Makes Love Anymore’ (Unapologetic ) conveys the vast, inescapable imminence of love.

Kenny Wayne Shepherd – “Trouble Is…25” [Documentary Review]

Kenny Wayne Shepherd’s ‘Trouble Is…25’ documentary (Provogue Records/Mascot Label Group ) does a fine job of playing well to its niche.

The Damned – “A Night of a Thousand Vampires – Live in London” [Blu-ray Review]

The Damned’s ‘A Night of a Thousand Vampires’ is the perfect dose of the macabre and theatre for Halloween and for those with their musical tastes firmly embedded in the era of goth rock.

Sirens (Oscilloscope Laboratories) [Documentary Review]

Slave to Sirens’ fight depicted in ‘Sirens’ (Oscilloscope Laboratories) mirrors the fight the youth, new generations and embittered oppressed are engaged in with the powers that be as they introduce progress to a nation that’s itself at a crossroads.

The Retaliators (Better Noise Films) [Movie Review]

Resident horror expert and We’re Wolves frontman AJ Diaferio tackles ‘The Retaliators’ (Better Noise Films) and confirms, “…some really awesome gore sequences wrapped around a lacklustre and clumsy storyline.”

“Dio: Dreamers Never Die” (9.14 Pictures) [Documentary Review]

Overall, ‘Dio: Dreamers Never Die’ isn’t just a great metal documentary or biopic or historical narrative – it’s a great movie. It’s just what Dio deserves, but perhaps more importantly, it’s just what Dio fans deserve.

Vicious Fun (Shudder) [Movie Review]

Our resident horror expert, We’re Wolves frontman AJ Diaferio, reviews the Shudder original ‘Vicious Fun.’ To watch, or not to watch… find out!