V13 Cover Story 034 - Louise Post, October 2nd, 2023


“It's the greatest feeling ever to know that people are caring about what you've just spilled your blood and guts into..”

In our latest Cover Story,Veruca Salt vocalist Louise Post talks about the empowerment and healing found in music and the inspiration for her new solo album ‘Sleepwalker.’


Dry Ice and the Crescendos – “Permanently” [Song Review]

Quixotic and yielding at the beginning, “Permanently” gives listeners a sense of building tension, going from gracious to plangent severity.

Sounds of Walker – “Ko” [Song Review]

Drenched in an ultra-catchy, pulsing motion, seductive, and addictive, “Ko” immediately establishes Sounds of Walker as an electronic tour de force.

Babel – ‘Marriage’ [Album Review]

With ‘Marriage,’ Babel proffers misty, slender filaments of dream-pop, muted percussion, and the mellifluous waiflike voice of Mäkiranta.

Locations – “Trickle” [Song Review]

With “Trickle,” Locations express the sentiments of ordinary people, who find themselves under the boot of the plutocracy.

Helen Stellar – ‘Moonlight Amnesia’ [EP] [Album Review]

The combination of Jim Evens’ splendid voice and fuzzy shoegaze riffs impart a compact, cathartic essence to Helen Stellar’s ‘Moonlight Amnesia.’

Robert LaRoche – ‘Forevermore’ [Album Review]

The lyrics of Robert LaRoche’s ‘Forevermore’ fit the music, presenting intertwining fingers of sound and words about the intricacies of love’s variants.

Cerpintxt – ‘microtubule encoded memory’ [EP] [Album Review]

Mysterious and inscrutable, frail and vulnerable, ‘microtubule encoded memory’ by Cerpintxt conveys listeners into a realm lacking linear thought.

Diane Louvel – “Above and Beyond” [Song Review]

Alt-Country artist Diane Louvel is back on the scene with her newest release, “Above and Beyond” – the title track from her upcoming album.