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Quick & Dirty: Brandon Vee Answers Random Questions

Fresh off the release of his single “Yellow,” Brandon Vee joins us today to field random questions in our latest Quick & Dirty interview.



Image of Brandon Vee, courtesy of artist
Image of Brandon Vee, courtesy of artist

Brandon Vee, a rising R&B artist known for his blend of Funk, Soul, and Pop, is fresh off the release of his latest single, “Yellow,” which brings forth a message of resilience, joy, and acceptance – especially resonant during Autism Awareness Month. More than just a song, “Yellow” is a beacon of light for those navigating challenges, particularly individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Inspired by his daughter (who has ASD) and the challenge of helping her navigate through school and social interactions, “Yellow” shines a light on the importance of mental health awareness and acceptance. A funk-infused, happy, cheerful sound accompanies lyrics that encapsulate the theme of embracing one’s true self amidst societal pressures and internal struggles. Vee’s poignant verses convey empathy and support, reminding listeners that their uniqueness is their strength. Through the catchy chorus, Vee affirms, “Can’t nobody ever / Steal my yellow never / All My joy and pleasure / It’s all mine forever.”

Brandon Vee sat down with V13 for a Quick & Dirty interview – and answered some fun, random questions that allow his fans to get to know the artist on a different level.

If you could erase one thing from your memory, what would it be?

Brandon Vee: “Let’s rewind to high school; I would love to erase the time I thought it was cool to buy Jordans on Ebay specifically, all white 11’s. I bought them for my Home Team Basketball games and during a game in front of the WHOLE SCHOOL – I went up for a layup all buy myself and just tripped and fell out of bounce. Everyone was confused and so was I, like what just happened?! My bootleg jordans unglued from the sole and everyone started yelling bootleg from the stands and I had to sit the whole game out because of it!”

What is something that no one else seems to care very much about but drives you irrationally mad?

“Poorly written movie lines, here’s some advice hollywood, please don’t ever put the title of the movie in the script for a character to say, I will write you and complain about your ability to be creative!”

What always makes you nostalgic?

“Video Games! My dad bought me and my brother an SNES (yeah I’m showing my age now). We spent hours on that thing and video games has always kept us together, even now he lives all the way across the country and every so often we play together and it reminds me of us with quilts over our head in the basement huddled around a really messed up television that was ony good for gaming!”

Image of Brandon Vee in the studio, courtesy of artist

Image of Brandon Vee in the studio, courtesy of artist

What is one thing that you’re good at that people don’t expect?

“A half spring into a no-hand backflip! Yeah, I loved action movies as a kid, so I eventually worked the courage to do that and never lost it.”

What’s the most random fact you know?

“1 and 18 people have a 3rd nipple it has a name for it and i forget, but i know Harry Styles one ups this 3rd nipple by having 4.”

Who was your childhood hero? Do you still look up to them?

“Che Guevara, Nat Turner, Huey P, the list goes on, but I’ve looked up to may Revolutionaries.Those who believe change, live the change and lead the change. They are consumed by doing what’s right for everyone around them so much so they are willing to devote their livelihood, their word, their very being all the way to death, because spending a life fighting for what’s right means more than living a life of complacency to cruelty around them.”

What were the longest five minutes you’ve ever experienced?

“My first kiss, it was at my friends party when i was 13. She was the first girl I loved, and like everyone knew it. We played spin the bottle, and of course, she spun it, and it came to me to play 7 minutes in heaven. I was so nervous, the group actually sent one of her friends into the closet with us to make sure we did the deed. It was so weird, because I didn’t know what i was doing but once i got the hang of it i was like are you supposed to do this for this long? All i could here was him making comments in the corner and everyone making oooo sounds on the door. So awkward but obviously memorably funny lol.”

If you were a stripper, what would your name be?

“After much thought, I think it has to be Mystic Long Stick, as I’ve been told I have a healing wand.”

Cover art for "Yellow" by Brandon Vee

Cover art for “Yellow” by Brandon Vee

What are 3 words that describe you?

“Peaceful, Warm and Insightful.”

If Hollywood made a movie about your life, who would play the lead role as you?

“Donald Glover, I mean i feel like it’s appropriate. I know people think I’m some like model who’s ultra cool and great with the ladies, but truth be told, I’m wildly awkward. He play’s these roles so well where, it’s the right amount of nerd/awkward/humor.”

What’s the best venue you have ever played and why?

“Orlando House Party, without a doubt! It’s got to be the best crowd ever, over 200 people who have given me their undivided attention for 45 minutes straight, completely invested, I once had someone cry during my song, that’s how much it moved her, like how is that not the greatest thing ever?!”

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