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    • Welcome to V13 Media’s Spotify section (direct Spotify profile link here)—the ultimate destination for music lovers with eclectic tastes.
    • We’re not like other playlist curators who throw together the same tired tracks you’ve heard a million times.
    • We’re V13: we’ve got 15 genre-based playlists brimming with the freshest and most exciting songs emerging in each scene. Each of our playlists is capped at 313 of the most recent songs in each category, so you can be sure you’re always listening to the latest and greatest tunes from the last few months.
    • Yes, of course, there’s more: we’ve also got 5 specialty playlists that are guaranteed to add some spice to your musical life. Want the bleeding edge of the sonic landscape that transcends genres? Our Nifty New Noizes has got you. Need brutal heaviness guaranteed to power you through even the most intense workout? In Search of the Greatest Breakdowns of All Time’s got you sorted. Hankering for an alternative holiday playlist that decks the halls with yells and molly? Try our Alt-Christmas on for size.
    • So what are you waiting for? Follow us on Spotify, and let us be your guide to discovering new and exciting music. Just don’t blame us if you start dancing in public – we warned you that our playlists were that good.
    • PS: Got feedback about any of our lists? Cool! Hit us up via our Contact section.

V13’s 313s – Spotify Playlist Images:

V13’s 313s – Spotify Playlists:

Folked & Singer-Songwriter

  • what’s inside: Some of the fab new folk we’ve recently heard. Americana, Singer-Songwriter, and as many forms of Folk as you can shake a stick at… start streaming now.

Black Metal


Country & Americana

Death Metal

Everything Electronic

  • what’s inside: Some of the ear-catching new electronic we’ve recently heard. House, Trance, Chill-out… the list goes on and it’s as energizing as it is engaging.

Hard & Heavy

  • what’s inside: All variations of heavy music from the rock, metal, and punk families that just ROCK! We get the new stuff, and share it with you. Hit play today.


  • what’s inside: The biggest bangers, the latest rap, the deepest cuts, the beats that slap – we’ve got it all. Inside or outside the box, as long as it’s got Hip-Hop or Rap, we’ve got it on lock.


Just Jazzy Jams

  • what’s inside: Whether you’re already in a mellow mood or need to get into one post-haste, we’ve got the cure with our curated list of fresh, jazzy jams.

Poignant Punk

  • what’s inside: Snotty, irreverent, daring, critical, frantic – the best punk from the past few months, collected in one putrid playlist by yours truly here at V13. This playlist is regularly updated, so expect songs to occasionally disappear into the back of the pit.



  • what’s inside: The latest R&B ballads, the most tender soul, heart-rending lyrics, and emerging artists from across the globe. This list will give you the feels.

Rad Recent Rock

  • what’s inside: Guitar heroes, rock gods, arena concerts – whatever summons up that energy, that’s what’s going on this list! This playlist is regularly updated with the most recent rock tracks from the past few months, so expect songs to occasionally fall off the back of the stage.

Shoegaze for Dayz

  • what’s inside: A smattering of the latest and greatest shoegaze tracks alongside older, venerated tracks from some of the acts that have pushed the subgenre forward.


Nifty New Noizes

  • what’s inside: These are new tunes we’ve come across from a variety of genres that all have one thing in common: they’re rad!

Stoner Metal & Rock

  • what’s inside: Here’s our 420 special playlist! Featuring the best cuts from stoner metal and rock, doom, drone, sludge and post-metal.

In Search of the Greatest Breakdown of All Time

  • what’s inside: Whether it’s from metal, hardcore punk, metalcore, death metal, deathcore or any other subgenre of heavy music you can think of, we’re on a quest to find: The Greatest Breakdown Of All Time. Don’t see your favourite breakdown here? Message us!


  • what’s inside: Sick of the same old Christmas/Holiday songs? V13 is here to save you from turning into a musical Scrooge by getting you into the festive spirit with our apt assortment of alternative holiday tunes!

This page was last updated on January 24, 2024