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  • Welcome to the journey of V13 Media, a story that began as a simple idea and transformed into a global platform for diverse cultural expression. Our history is a tale of passion, evolution, and unwavering dedication to the world of music and beyond.

The History of V13 Media:

  •, formerly, started as a simple drunken idea back in the early part of 2005. Two friends, Chris Gonda and Aaron Willschick had become thoroughly frustrated with their stagnating attempt at a socio-political website, yet did not want to surrender their online endeavours. So, a few late nights later, the two dudes decided to form a site in the vein of their main passion… music… namely, LOUD music!
  • PureGrainAudio consequently began to take form and, after the initial layout was finalized, the site was officially launched during the last week of March 2005.With a total monthly visitor count of only 58 people (most of which were probably family and friends anyway), it was quite the horrific start, to say the least.
  • Nevertheless, the duo remained determined, pushed forward, and soon started to see growth, partnerships, and new opportunities. One such serendipitous connection was around 2014, when Chris and Aaron digitally met Graham Finney, a super-talented writer and photographer running his own UK-based site, Fast-forward to December 2015, and the three guys agreed to enter into a partnership whereby was taken offline and its staff and content absorbed by PureGrainAudio.
  • This same type of partnership occured again in 2016 with Mike Bax folding Lithium Magazine and in 2018 with the acquisition of and its staff.
  • PureGrainAudio grew into a leading web destination for all things “heavy music” inclusive of Alternative, Rock, Punk, Hardcore, Metal, and Indie coverage, but, in 2019, spurred by the shared interests within their incredible team, in a broad array of subjects and musical genres, PureGrainMedia once again grew with the launch of the Classical, Jazz, Blues, Soul, and Folk-focused, Sax&Violins, socio-political coverage on, and the acquisition of Electronica, Dance, EDM site,
  • With an excellent and committed global team of writers and photographers with varied tastes and passions, Gonda, Willschick and Finney decided it was logical that they combined all sites into one new home wherein contributors are free to cover the music, film, TV, documentaries, pop culture, and socio-political stories that mean the most to them. As such, PureGrainMedia launched V13 Media, a consolidation of all previous publications, now covering art, music, news and culture worldwide. Audiences could now find all of their favourite content – past and present – from all sites on
  • Hard work and constant hustle, innovation, and perseverance are the names of the game. V13 Media would not be what it is today without our cherished staff and readers (past, present, and future), not to mention the countless artist, publicists and industry players with whom we’ve worked over the past 17+ years. Long story short; we’re not going anywhere anytime soon.


  • If you have read the abovementioned information and are left with any questions at all, please feel free to email us at

This page was last updated on January 24, 2024