Decapitated – ‘Cancer Culture’ [Album Review]

Death metal heavyweights Decapitated return with their eighth album ‘Cancer Culture.’ Read our thoughts on this yummy slab of brutality here.

Blue Heron – ‘Ephemeral’ [Album Review]

For anyone who is a fan of all things metal and rock, Blue Heron’s debut, ‘Ephemeral’ (Kozmik Artifactz (DE), Seeing Red Records (USA)) is a clear winner, and not to be missed by any means.

The Dark Alamorté – ‘Lunacrium Thepsis’ [Album Review]

The Dark Alamorté weave an epic tale of loneliness and anger on their brutal new album ‘Lunacrium Thepsis.’ Read our review here.

Malevolence – ‘Malicious Intent’ [Album Review]

On their new album ‘Malicious Intent,’ Sheffield outfit Malevolence perfect their blend of metal and gut-thumping hardcore.

Juan Tigre – ‘Azúl Arriba, Blue Below’ [Album Review]

Wholly different from his previous offerings, ‘Azúl Arriba, Blue Below’ displays Juan Tigre’s manifold ability to create plush ambient soundscapes.

Armagideon Time – ‘Crime As Theatre’ [EP] [Album Review]

‘Crime As Theatre’ is a crushing debut, wielding vitriol and outrage with expert care. Armagideon Time is the next torchbearer of hardcore punk.

Misery Index – ‘Complete Control’ [Album Review]

Almost three years in the making, ‘Complete Control’ sees Baltimore maulers Misery Index make their brutal post-pandemic return.

Silverstein – ‘Misery Made Me’ [Album Review]

With their latest studio recording, ‘Misery Made Me’ (UNFD Records), Silverstein delivers a refined, deftly executed album that hits hard, both emotionally and audibly.

Ibaraki – ‘Rashomon’ [Album Review]

Trivium frontman Matt Heafy unleashes ‘Rashomon,’ the first fruits of his black metal project Ibaraki; as dramatic and thought-provoking as it is unrelentingly violent.

“Love Hertz” by Aaron Mostow, Kevin Flores, Rodolfo Tagle III [Book & EP Review]

Love Hertz is an interesting concept: a book about a DJ who has discovered a secret sound frequency capable of taking over minds and bodies, and a soundtrack to match the party atmosphere it dwells within. The book touts itself as a “romantic comedy with a sci-fi twist,” while the package altogether is deeply rooted

Agnes Vein – ‘Deathcall’ [Album Review]

Agnes Vein’s ‘Deathcall’ is a rare breed, with cross-genre appeal for death, doom and black metal listeners in its sludge-fuelled songwriting.

Watain – ‘The Agony & Ecstasy of Watain’ [Album Review]

‘The Agony & Ecstasy of Watain’ is the dingiest, most elaborate and most ambitious expression of darkness yet from Swedish stalwarts Watain.