V13 Cover Story 016 - Skynd - Mar 20, 2023


“Everyone has that side to them, the dark side is just fascinating to people...”

In our latest Cover Story, the mysterious artist Skynd talks about her fascination with serial killers and true crime, plus her mental health battles.


Ajay Mathur – “Common Mistake” [Song Review]

Simultaneously whimsical and admonishing, Ajay Mathur’s “Common Mistake” (Yakketeeyak Music) starts absurdly and somehow transforms into a charismatic track.

DownTown Mystic – “Shadow Walk” [Song Review]

Before setting off on a solo career in 1996, Robert Allen, aka DownTown Mystic, paid his dues as a recording artist and hired gun for bands in NYC, playing at CBGBs, The Bitter End, Lone Star Café, The Fast Lane, and The Stone Pony. He was driving down the road when he passed a small,

Lana Del Rey – “The Grants” [Song Review]

Lana Del Rey has released the superb single “The Grants” (Interscope, Polydor), which takes listeners to church with little more than a piano and subdued choir.

Die Oberherren – ‘Die By My Hand’ [Album Review]

The revival of a more rock-oriented expression of goth is well overdue in a post-darkwave era; and Die Oberherren may just be an essential aspect of the face of that reinvigoration.

GNS & V-Sensei – “LOVE A LIE” [Song Review]

Akin to an emotive ballad, GNS & V-Sensei ‘s “LOVE A LIE” reveals a troubling sense of love’s impending futility, as well as its undeniable attraction.

Puscifer – ‘Existential Reckoning: Re-Wired’ [Album Review]

Puscifer’s ‘Existential Reckoning: Re-Wired (Alchemy Recordings, BMG) is definitely one of the better remix albums of recent years. The additional effort pays off in a more diverse, insightful auditory journey.

VOSH – ‘Vessel’ [Album Review]

Highlighted by the irresistibly alluring, hypnotic voice of Josephine Olivia, VOSH’s ‘Vessel’ (Trash Casual Records) is harmonically complex and oh-so-severely superior.

Centershift – “Fade Away” [Song Review]

Social: There’s an inarticulate sadness hovering over Centershift’s “Fade Away” (Auspicious Recordings), conveying a profound array of emotions, including regret and the ache of unease.