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Track-by-Track: Fairlane Slices Through His New EP ‘Genesis’

Canadian-American electronic rock artist Fairlane joins us today for a special track-by-track rundown of his EP ‘Genesis.’



Fairlane aka Tyler Mead, photo courtesy of Fairlane
Fairlane aka Tyler Mead, photo courtesy of Fairlane

Like all great artists, Fairlane is undergoing a sort of musical renaissance. You can hear it in his new EP Genesis, released earlier this month via Monstercat Records. When he set out to create this EP, the Canadian-born, Denver-based artist had his sights set on something significant. He had become well known for his killer DJ sets incorporating rock guitar elements. So he decided to write a set of tracks that would more effectively and excitingly fuse those two styles. The EP was titled Genesis to represent a new beginning or chapter. Up until recording this EP, Fairlane had felt like there was an ambiguity to what his sound was. So, he endeavoured to record a more definitive statement of where he is as an artist.

All five tracks on Genesis are also representative of where Fairlane wants his musical career to proceed. There is also a visual element incorporated into the branding of the EP. Genesis aligns with rebirth, which symbolizes the idea that we can reinvent ourselves and take on new challenges once we have come to terms with roadblocks or impediments that have limited us in the past. The EP also includes some killer collaborations. Fairlane worked with the veteran and hugely popular post-hardcore band Silverstein on “Take It Back.” “Not My Night” is a collaboration with LA rockers Point North. The song is a merging of modern electronics with early 2000s punk rock. Additional collaborations feature SpaceMan Zack, RILEY, and Wind Walkers.

Joining us for a special track-by-track rundown of Genesis is Fairlane as he takes us through the EP and his thoughts on each song.

1. “Only The Good Die Young”

“From start to finish this track is just pure energy! I wanted the first song of the EP to come out with a bang. I don’t think any other track would have worked the same way ‘Only The Good Die Young’ did.

“It is sort of a depression anthem. SpaceMan Zack’s lyrics are really quite dark when you pay attention, which is why I wanted the production to be so powerful and uplifting. This creates a strange juxtaposition, almost representing how we are all ‘dancing’ through life despite the problems and hardships we face.”

Fairlane ‘Genesis’ EP album artwork

Fairlane ‘Genesis’ EP album artwork

2. “Not My Night”

“This has got to be one of the catchiest vocals I have ever heard. When I received the early demo for ‘Not My Night,’ I was instantly hooked. I had just set up a sunroom studio at my old place and can remember locking myself in that room for what felt like 14 hours straight. The track just came together so naturally – truly the power of great songwriting from Point North’s lead singer John Lundin!”

3. “Take It Back”

“What an absolute honour to get to work on this song with Silverstein. Not only getting to collaborate with, but also getting to befriend Shane Told from Silverstein, was not something I would have put on my 2023 bingo card. The track came out sounding so huge. The dubstep section is still breaking rails every time I get to play a show!”

4. “Someone Just Like You”

“Such a bop! Riley and I got the chance to sit down and work together at the Monstercat Studio in late 2022, during the tail end of my first full tour with William Black. I had an insane mustache at the time, and so did Riley, thus the vibes were instantly great. We just wanted this song to be fun and catchy, and I think we captured that perfectly with the ‘rock-pop’ sound.”

5. “Panic Room”

“The perfect closing song for this project. I feel like there is just so much depth to what is being said in this song lyrically, and Trevor’s (Borg) (Wind Walkers’ lead singer) vocal performance truly drives the entire thing home. This track also does such a great job of representing the raw ‘Fairlane’ sound I am trying to create moving forward, with big guitars and super punchy drums. I could not be happier with how this came together!”


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