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PG One Visits Vancouver’s Enzo Event Centre for His First-Ever Canadian Show [Photos]

Chinese hip-hop star PG One touched down in Vancouver for a rousing debut at the Enzo Event Centre for his first-ever Canadian tour date.



PG One on Jan 18, 2024, photo by Randy Romero
PG One on Jan 18, 2024, photo by Randy Romero

On the chilly winter night of January 18th, the highly anticipated North American leg of Chinese rapper PG One, also known as Chos1npm’s groundbreaking “ANSW1R” World Tour, unfolded at the prestigious Enzo Event Centre. It marked the first-ever Canadian concert for the controversial yet revered Chinese rapper.

The air was charged with excitement. Avid followers of PG One’s meteoric rise converged in downtown Vancouver to witness a musical experience like no other.

The crowd erupted into a collective roar as the lights dimmed and the first beats reverberated through the venue. The rapper emerged on stage, a silhouette against a back display of dazzling visuals, setting the tone for a night of musical brilliance. His enigmatic persona commanded the attention of every individual present, creating an almost palpable connection between the artist and his Vancouverite fans.

The artist’s ability to captivate the audience was evident in the enthusiasm with which the fans reciprocated. They passionately rapped along to every lyric, transforming the venue into a pulsating organism fueled by the mutual love for music and the thrill of a live performance.