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Three Lefts and a Right Premiere Their Guitar-Driven Single “Lovulator”

Three Lefts and a Right is a guitar-driven ensemble, and they show it with the premiere of their new single “Lovulator.”



Dan Ruprecht aka Three Lefts and a Right
Dan Ruprecht aka Three Lefts and a Right

There’s no ambiguity when it comes to Three Lefts and a Right. The second their new single “Lovulator” begins, you know what you’re in store for. With a thunderous guitar introduction that transitions into the powerful wails of lead singer Andy Eringis, you get the idea of what the band is striving for.

This is the exclusive premiere of the song ahead of its official release this coming Friday. The roars and wails are reminiscent of a classic rock approach to songwriting. It’s a throwback to a time long behind us, but one that ultimately motivated this quartet to start a band in the first place. Eringis’ lyrics tell a story of an exhilarating love affair that’s great in many ways but ultimately doomed to fail. In essence, this is what rock n’ roll was always meant to be.

Elaborating on the vision and approach to “Lovulator,” guitarist and singer Dan Ruprecht says:

“I grew up with rock guitars albums that inspired me to want to play guitar. I look around today and ask myself, ‘Where are all the guitar driven rock bands? Where is the new Van Halen, The Who, Queen, Cheap Trick, or even Oasis?’ I wanted to write songs that inspired kids to put down their PS5 controller and pick up a guitar. The greatest compliment I could get is for kids to hear this song and ask their mom and dad for a guitar.

“There’s nothing wrong with playing video games but creating art is so fulfilling, fun, and gives them a chance to work out the emotional stress of growing up in a world that’s changing as fast as ours. I don’t know, maybe if more people were playing guitars we’d have less shootings. So ‘Lovulator’ is my offering to these of kids today. Maybe we can create some new guitar players out there.”

Ruprecht, who’s also joined in Three Lefts and a Right by his brother Stephen on bass, is the catalyst behind the band. His life has been about rock n’ roll, going back several decades. He once auditioned to be in Ozzy Osbourne’s band and played with Pat Travers for a time. His early band The Pranks toured with Cheap Trick, Stone Temple Pilots, and REO Speedwagon.

The impetus for Three Lefts and a Right was to create music that soothes you but also excites you. Rock music was always predicated on the idea of having a good time. And that defines this band: a desire to electrify you with unforgettable hooks and just the right of classic rock bravado that will keep the party going all night long.

Three Lefts and a Right “Lovulator” single artwork

Three Lefts and a Right “Lovulator” single artwork