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X-Raided, Ras Kass & KXNG Crooked – “It’s Up” [Song Review]

Underground rap artist X-Raided releases “It’s Up” featuring Ras Kass and KXNG Crooked via the ever-popular Strange Music.



X-Raided, Ras Kass & KXNG Crooked “It’s Up” single artwork
X-Raided, Ras Kass & KXNG Crooked “It’s Up” single artwork

Underground rap artist X-Raided is coming from Sacramento with his newest release, “It’s Up.” The track features Ras Kass and KXNG Crooked and is brought to us by the ever-popular Strange Music.

Let’s be honest: regardless of who you are, you have to have some sort of idea about Strange Music and what it stands for. That alone should be an easy sign that the track will be a banger.

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When speaking on the track, X-Raided had this to say:

“I teamed up with Ras Kass and Kxng Crooked for a west coast lyrical beat down constructed by three of its most well-known rap assassins. I am excited to give the fans some real bars in this era of fast-food lyrics. Hopefully this will cause other emcees where we’re from to get back to what made us who we are in the first place.”

“It’s Up” truly shows the expertise of X-Raided and his ability to produce tracks that are on a whole new level. From the flow of the beat to the carefully crafted delivery of lyrics to the two master-level features, it is no wonder why Tech N9ne decided to add him to the Strange Music family. “It’s Up” will surely be a contender for rap song of the year.

Run Time: 3:34
Release Date: April 19, 2024
Record Label: Strange Music, Inc.