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Cypress Hill Blazes Through Chicago’s Concord Music Hall [Photos]

Cypress Hill brought their “We Legalized It” tour to Chicago’s Concord Music Hall, featuring support from Souls of Mischief and The Pharcyde.



Cypress Hill on April 24, 2024, photo by Connor Hannan
Cypress Hill on April 24, 2024, photo by Connor Hannan

Cypress Hill brought their “We Legalized It” tour to Chicago and hit Concord Music Hall, located in the heart of Logan Square. The tour also features supporting artists Souls of Mischief and The Pharcyde. As this was a Cypress Hill concert, it was no surprise that even a block or two away, I could smell that the fans were ready to see the historic hip-hop group.

Souls of Mischief, a four-piece group from Oakland, California, took the stage first. The quartet features A-plus, Phesto, Opio, and Tajai. Although the group hasn’t released a new album since 2014, it has been alive and well since 1991 and did a fantastic job warming up the crowd.

Up next was The Pharcyde, a trio featuring members Fatlip, Slimkid3, and Imani. The trio have been gracing venues since they first burst onto the hip-hop scene in 1989. Like Souls of Mischief, the group hasn’t produced an album since the early 2000s, but there’s no need when you have such hits such as “Pass’in Me By,” “Runn’in,” and their latest single “Shlick Tawlk” recently released in 2023.

Finally, up to the stage was the one and only Cypress Hill. I’ve been in almost every venue in Chicago and have shot almost every style of music, so I’ve seen numerous types of fans and, bar none, this was the loudest I’ve ever heard a crowd cheer. The hip-hop group which formed in 1988 features members B-Real, Sen Dog, and Eric Bobo. DJ Lord graced the stage in place of original DJ, DJ Muggs.

In a recent interview, Sen Dog stated that the group was working on their final album with the original DJ. For me, this was a blast back to my childhood listening to some of my favorite hits from the band, such as the legendary “Insane in the Membrane,” “When the Shit Goes Down,” and “Hits from the Bong.”

Even after 35 years, the group still knows how to perform! Be sure to check them out on one of their upcoming tour dates.