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Evan Boyer Conjures Up Emotions with His “Cedar Creek” Single Premiere

Evan Boyer reveals his feel-good single “Cedar Creek” off his debut album ‘The Devil in Me,’ due out June 7th via Medicine for Mary Records.



Evan Boyer, photo by Jessica Waffles
Evan Boyer, photo by Jessica Waffles

As a singer-songwriter, Evan Boyer isn’t trying anything that hasn’t been done before. But that’s not what music is about for him. It’s about eliciting an emotion and giving you something that may resonate. The positive vibes are turned way up to 11 with his new single “Cedar Creek.” The song is the third to be released from his forthcoming debut full-length album, The Devil in Me.

Ahead of its release on June 7th via Medicine for Mary Records, we have “Cedar Creek” to offer us a glimpse into Boyer as a songwriter. It’s a nice little country-pop tune with a sing-along chorus that cues up nostalgia for times gone by. With the summer on the way, it fits well as a seasonal song about enjoying quiet evenings, perhaps by a campfire or looking up at the stars.

Discussing “Cedar Creek,” Boyer tells us:

“‘Cedar Creek’ is definitely the ‘feel good’ song of the album, so I’m really glad we’re releasing it as a single. When I wrote it, I was just thinking back to simpler times when my wife and I were just dating, and we’d put the dogs in the car and head down to Cedar Creek Lake for the weekend. No kids, no mortgage, just us living pretty carefreely. And honestly, I think it’s important to look back on those times.”

Boyer was born in North Carolina and raised in the country. He’s a self-taught guitarist who grew up on ’90s and 2000s alternative rock and pop-punk. He fronted several bands before deciding that going it alone was the best way forward for him. What is endearing about Boyer as a musician is that he’s not trying to be perfect. He embraces the imperfections, and he doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel when it comes to songwriting. Boyer spent most of the fall of 2022 writing and recording the demos that would become The Devil in Me. Then, when he linked up with producer Bradley Prakope, the album began to take shape.

What it turned into is a clear and focused batch of songs that sound very human. We all make mistakes, and there’s a theme of redemption that is laced throughout the record. The Devil in Me might make you a little bit happy, or it might make you a little bit sad, or it might make you both at the same time. And those “feels” are what Boyer is striving for.

Evan Boyer “Cedar Creek” single artwork

Evan Boyer “Cedar Creek” single artwork