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Theremin Man Explores the Cosmos with the Premiere of ‘Songs for the Future’

Stephen Hamm’s Theremin Man travels far beyond the moon and the stars with the premiere of his spacey new album ‘Songs for the Future.’



Theremin Man (Stephen Hamm)
Theremin Man (Stephen Hamm)

There’s no ambiguity when it comes to Stephen Hamm’s Theremin Man. You might say he wears his musical heart on his sleeve. It’s all right there for consumption on his new album, Songs for the Future.

As the title suggests, this sophomore effort is an inventive new release rooted in progressive songwriting that dares to be different. It’s an evolution of the type of sound he introduced on his critically acclaimed self-titled debut. Hamm’s goal is to take listeners on a journey into the different dimensions of electronic music. And he sticks to that goal throughout Songs for the Future, making various nods to interdimensional sounds and connotations.

Discussing his brand new album, Hamm states:

“I’m excited to be releasing my second full-length album, Songs Of The Future. It’s been a labour of love realizing this collection of songs. Not only do they feature me playing theremin, Vancouver drummer extraordinaire Shawn Mrazek provides the foundation for all the tracks. Felix Fung one of Vancouver’s finest recording engineers helped me craft the other-worldly sounds you’ll hear on this album using synthesizers, guitar, and all kinds of wild effects.

We’ll be taking these songs on the road so I hope everyone listens and then comes to see us perform our wild psychedelic show! It’s gonna be a gas and a trip through new dimensions of sound!”

Hamm has been a significant contributor to the Vancouver Music and Arts scene for over 25 years now. He has previously been an instrumentalist and singer in various other acts such as Slow, Tankhog, Canned Hamm, and Nardwuar and the Evaporators. Theremin Man is undoubtedly the most unique musical adventure Hamm has ever embarked on. This is all him in that it’s entirely his vision of where he wants to venture off to musically. The spacey, interdimensional, futuristic themes serve Hamm well for what he is out to accomplish with Theremin Man. This songwriting project is centred around pushing the boundaries of contemporary music. It’s not focused on sticking to any one genre. Rather, Hamm aims for each track to invite listeners on a cosmic voyage through sound and emotion.

Songs for the Future covers lots of thematic ground, from hope and isolation to science fiction and fantasy. The album has expanded his artistic vision and is certainly the most definitive musical statement he has put out yet. If you reach for the cosmos, you may just find yourself in the musical boundaries so effectively occupied by Theremin Man.

Theremin Man ‘Songs for the Future’ album artwork

Theremin Man ‘Songs for the Future’ album artwork