Episode Summary: Host Alloy Matt went up to Portland to hang with the Across the Sun boys before a show. Last time they were on, they recorded at Burgerville. This time? Taco Del Mar. Matt and AtS talk about tour hardship(s), getting recognized as “being on that next level” as a band and the departure of a band member.

Episode Summary: Alloy Matt was stoked to see the homies from Within the Ruins again, and even more stoked that they wanted to record a podcast with us! No interview, they got the whole show this time! The Within the Ruins boys hang out with Alloy Matt outside of the Hawthorne Theater in Portland, OR while they where there for the (flier below) Crush ‘Em All 2 Tour.

Episode Summary: Host Alloy Matt is joined “In Studio” (which means in his living room, in this case) by the boys from Try Redemption! They were in town for a show in Eugene, OR. What’s that you say? Doesn’t one of the guys from Try Redemption also run a metal podcast? Why Yes! Guitarist Daigle runs the MetalsPeak Podcast. That should sound familiar, as Alloy Matt has guested on their show several times.

Episode Summary: In this episode, the Alloy Boys discuss how awesome robot voices are and talk about a new social network both of them have discovered called GetGlue. Matt also talks a bit about the live experience that was The Contortionist, Textures, The Human Abstract and Periphery show. The boys also got an interview with Levi Benton of Miss May I and they are going to roll it out for you!

Episode Summary: This week, the Alloy Boys have an interview with letlive. that Matt did back in January when they played in Salem, OR at the Wasteland. They were feeling pretty proggy this week, so there’s a bunch of prog metal on this episode. They didn’t figure anyone would mind. UPDATE: The voting for the Thrash and Burn Tour has ended, and Across the Sun did not win. However, with the list of mediocre bands that were voting options, at least a good band won. Congrats to the guys from Volumes!

Episode Summary: In this installment we play some killer music, as always, and roll out an interview Alloy Matt did with Andy Biersack of Black Veil Brides. *NOTE: Alloy Matt did this interview for the Standby Records podcast when the Alloy Boys were doing that, but negotiations on a contract with them fell through. Since he still had the interview on the hard drive, Alloy Matt decided to re-purpose this interview for this show. We hope you like it!

Episode Summary: Host Alloy Ben has had a very busy work schedule lately, so Alloy Matt has a go at it by himself for a bit. Remember McCary from last week? Well, he joins Alloy Matt for an interview with Born of Osiris. Alloy Matt talks about his experience at Warped Tour this year and the upcoming (for him anyway) All-Stars Tour, which Born of Osiris is a part of.

Episode Summary: This is the Alloy Podcast, Summer Slaughter Spectacular with As Blood Runs Black. This episode is a little different than most as Nick and Leche are on the entire episode. Host Alloy Ben has been very busy at work, so McCary Mccutcheon of Dallas, Oregon’s Submerged in Cocytus joined Alloy Matt for this episode. They talk with Nick and Leche about As Blood Runs Black’s new album Instinct and the recording process.

Episode Summary: Hosts Alloy Matt and Alloy Ben are still talking about Summer Slaughter! I guess then that it’s more than appropriate they have an interview with Within the Ruins on this episode. They also talk about the unfortunate happenings with Coheed and Cambria’s bassist and his recent legal trouble. Plus, they want to introduce all their listeners to some pretty crazy and techy bands, so if you want to hear some new stuff, then pull up a new tab and get your Facebook, MySpace or YouTube open so…

Episode Summary: Hosts Alloy Ben and Alloy Matt discuss a show that they went to a couple of weeks ago… one they forgot to discuss on last week’s show. They talk about the Last Chance to Reason, Affiance and It Prevails show that was in Portland, OR not long ago and also roll out a Chelsea Grin Interview (re-dubbed the Grin-terview). Alloy Matt and friend of the show Jordan did at a show in Portland on their last tour.

We all know how ravenous metalheads are for new and/or more metal. I was looking for a way to find a good regular source of metal that would allow me to get updates and listen to some of the music so I could decide on what I wanted to put my money towards. Pandora and Slacker are good as long as you have internet access or cell phone reception, but I was a welder in a solid concrete building at the time. That put my phone down for…