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Episode Summary: Hosts Alloy Matt and Alloy Ben are still talking about Summer Slaughter! I guess then that it’s more than appropriate they have an interview with Within the Ruins on this episode. They also talk about the unfortunate happenings with Coheed and Cambria’s bassist and his recent legal trouble. Plus, they want to introduce all their listeners to some pretty crazy and techy bands, so if you want to hear some new stuff, then pull up a new tab and get your Facebook, MySpace or YouTube open so you can start looking up a few of these bands that you aren’t familiar with.

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01. Deception of a Ghost – “These Voices”
02. The Faceless – “Legions of the Serpent”
03. The Devil Wears Prada – “Danger: Wildman”
04. Son of Aurelius – “The First, The Serpent”
05. Tech N9ne – “Show Me A God”
06. Coheed & Cambria – “Gravemakers & Gunsligers”
07. Antagonist – “Sasha Grey”
08. Super Happy Story Time Land – “Organ Donor”
09. Within(terview) the Ruins
10. Within the Ruins – “Invade”
11. Hunab Ku – “The Other I”

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