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Episode Summary: The Alloy Boys took last week off. This time it was Matt’s fault. He was putting the finishing touches on his new blog design (link below) and launching a new video segment called the Generally Metal Show.

This week, the Alloy Boys have an interview with letlive. that Matt did back in January when they played in Salem, OR at the Wasteland. They were feeling pretty proggy this week, so there’s a bunch of prog metal on this episode. They didn’t figure anyone would mind. UPDATE: The voting for the Thrash and Burn Tour has ended, and Across the Sun did not win. However, with the list of mediocre bands that were voting options, at least a good band won. Congrats to the guys from Volumes! Super cool guys and that was Matt’s second choice.

Alloy Ben is considering starting his own blog and doing a little writing as well. What do you think? Would all of our wonderful listeners be interested in reading reviews written by Ben? Head over to the Alloy Podcast Facebook page and leave your thoughts. While you’re there, leave your thoughts about Matt’s redesigned blog and the Generally Metal Show. They would greatly appreciate the feedback.

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01. Skeletonwitch – “The Infernal Resurrection”
02. Pathology – “Dissected by Righteousness”
03. Century – “Lobotomy”
04. Toxic Holocaust – “Agony of the Damned”
05. Rose Funeral – “False Divine” (feat. Steve Tucker of Morbid Angel)
06. Last Chance to Reason – “Upload Complete”
07. Between the Buried and Me – “Backwards Marathon”
08. Son of Aurelius – “Facing the Gorgon”
09. Interview with letlive.
10. letlive. – “Casino Columbus”
11. Volumes – “Wormholes”

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