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Episode Summary: Alloy Matt was stoked to see the homies from Within the Ruins again, and even more stoked that they wanted to record a podcast with us! No interview, they got the whole show this time!

The Within the Ruins boys hang out with Alloy Matt outside of the Hawthorne Theater in Portland, OR while they where there for the (flier below) Crush ‘Em All 2 Tour. The band tells us some of their future plans, talk about their shitty van (pictured below) and talks a bit about Jay’s departure from the band only 4 days before this tour started! #NoHardFeelings?

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crush em all 2

Within The Ruins awesome tour ride!


01. Across the Sun – “Descent & Discovery”
02. Animals as Leaders – “Issolated Incidents”
03. Exes for Eyes – “Feel Again”
04. Behemoth – “Transylvanian Forest”
05. Junius – “Dance on Blood”
06. Blessthefall – “Promised Ones”
07. Cynic – “Carbon-Based Anatomy”
08. Veil of Maya – “Namaste”
09. Within the Ruins – “Crossbuster”
10. Whitechapel – “Section 8”

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