within the ruins


With great guitar chops comes great responsibility. Wielding such power requires the patience of Gandhi and the attention to detail of Mario Batali. If you’re not familiar with Within The Ruins, be ashamed of yourself. In a genre where copycats rage like cancer-AIDS, Within The Ruins branded themselves with their signature, heavily quantized production style, which believe it or not, they produce live very, very, like WTF mate well, leaving most musicians relatively speechless, with exception to that one guy that says, “I mean… they trigger their drums, bro, and backtrack their second guitar player, so like, they suck.” Dear Guy, you’re an idiot. They used to have 2 guitar players. Now they don’t. Wanna to audition? Didn’t think so.

Within the Ruins recently released their earth-shattering full-length Phenomena, adding to their already amazing repertoire. This Summer, after 6 months of writing and recording, they headed out on the road with the Summer Slaughter Tour to give fans a real, live taste of their signature technicality and heavy style. I was lucky enough to be able to hang out with powerhouse vocalist Tim Goergen, at the New York City stop on August 8, 2014, and find out a little about what’s next for the band, as well as talk comics, beer and life on the road.

There are few things in life better than a well-timed breakdown, and Within The Ruins knows all about that. Check out the lyric video (see below) for their new track “Gods Amongst Men.” It comes complete with exhilarating solos, vigorous riffing and a breakdown that every metalcore fan will be obligated to throw the fuck down to. The band’s new album, Phenomena, will be available on July 22nd via E1 Music /Good Fight Music and let’s just say that this girl can’t hardly wait!

Episode Summary: Alloy Matt was stoked to see the homies from Within the Ruins again, and even more stoked that they wanted to record a podcast with us! No interview, they got the whole show this time! The Within the Ruins boys hang out with Alloy Matt outside of the Hawthorne Theater in Portland, OR while they where there for the (flier below) Crush ‘Em All 2 Tour.

Episode Summary: Hosts Alloy Matt and Alloy Ben are still talking about Summer Slaughter! I guess then that it’s more than appropriate they have an interview with Within the Ruins on this episode. They also talk about the unfortunate happenings with Coheed and Cambria’s bassist and his recent legal trouble. Plus, they want to introduce all their listeners to some pretty crazy and techy bands, so if you want to hear some new stuff, then pull up a new tab and get your Facebook, MySpace or YouTube open so…

Within The Ruins, who are currently recording a 7″ EP titled ‘Omen’, have released their second studio update video to give the fans a glimpse into the recording process. See the guys in all their glory below, and be sure to get a copy of the ‘Omen’ EP 7″ this May on Victory Records. ‘Omen’ will feature new songs as well as covers from Metallica and Kansas.