I’ve been listening to Within The Ruins since Creature. Their sound has always been pretty aggressive, maybe even dark at times, but this one is angry. I mean this album is pissed, making it one of my faves thus far. And, when you listen to Halfway Human, you’ll have the opportunity, nay, the privilege to participate in this barrage of grrrrrrr and shredz.

If you’re familiar with WTR, you’re aware that part of their sound which helped them stick out in the metal scene initially was their highly staccato/quantized guitar and drum performance. After Creature, they kinda leaned into that sound, which was ultimately perfected on Phenomena. For Halfway Human, while the attention to detail and fine editing is still present, WTR seems to have dialled back on the sharp cutting/chopped sound and created a really well-written onslaught of riffs and lead guitar melodies. SIDENOTE – listen to this album with a solid pair of headphones. The kick drum is ENORMOUS!

A few final comments – the blegh + breakdown combo in “Absolution” is spot-on, there’s a fun continuation of the “Ataxia” theme from previous albums, but BIGGEST pleasant surprise are the clean vocals in “Objective Reality.” I would have been totally down for some more of that.

Halfway Human Track Listing:

01. Shape-Shifter
02. Death of the Rockstar
03. Beautiful Agony
04. Incomplete Harmony
05. Bittersweet
06. Objective Reality
07. Absolution
08. Ivory Tower
09. Sky Splitter
10. Ataxia IV
11. Treadstone

Run Time: 51:03
Release Date: March 3, 2017

Check out the music video for the track “Objective Reality”