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Episode Summary: Hosts Alloy Ben and Alloy Matt talk about some upcoming shows they’re going to and share some Texts From Last Night… again. Alloy Ben tells us why he couldn’t record last week, and therefore why we didn’t have an episode last week.

Alloy Matt interviewed Fire in the Skies a few months ago while they were in Salem, OR and we held the interview for after their new album, What Have We Become, released in order to help promote it. Alloy Matt wrote a review for the album on his personal blog, and you can read it and stream an exclusive song from the album by CLICKING HERE.

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01. Kid Liberty – “Fuck You” (Cee Lo Green cover)
02. Alters – “Advocate”
03. The Black Dahlia Murder – “Dave Goes to Hollywood”
04. Last Chance to Reason – “Upload Complete”
05. Serianna – “Fragments”
06. Between the Buried and Me – “Aesthetic”
07. Me Vs. Hero – “(Upbeat) Down”
08. Cephalic Carnage – “Ohrwurm”
09. Fire in the Skies Interview
10. Fire in the Skies – “Echo”
11. Metallica – “Battery”

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