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Episode Summary: Host Alloy Matt went up to Portland to hang with the Across the Sun boys before a show. Last time they were on, they recorded at Burgerville. This time? Taco Del Mar. Matt and AtS talk about tour hardship(s), getting recognized as “being on that next level” as a band and the departure of a band member. Shane is leaving the band, and the show Matt went to was his last performance with the band. #HeWillBeMissed It all sounds pretty serious, but it’s funnier than I am giving it credit here.

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01. Proven – “Terminated”
02. letlive. – “The Sick, Sick, 6.8 Billion”
03. Animals as Leaders – “An Infinite Regression”
04. A Plea for Purging – “The Life”
05. Obscura – “Vortex Omnivium”
06. Torch Bearer – “Living Disorder”
07. Last Chance to Reason – “Coded to Fail”
08. In Flames – “Touch of Red”
09. Son of Aurelius – “Facing the Gorgon”
10. I See Stars – “The End of the World Party”
11. Across the Sun – “A Song for the Hopeless”

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