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Episode Summary: Host Alloy Ben has had a very busy work schedule lately, so Alloy Matt has a go at it by himself for a bit. Remember McCary from last week? Well, he joins Alloy Matt for an interview with Born of Osiris. Alloy Matt talks about his experience at Warped Tour this year and the upcoming (for him anyway) All-Stars Tour, which Born of Osiris is a part of.

The Alloy Boys also want to know how your summer concert experiences have been. Which tour(s) did you go to this summer? Who was your fav performer? Head over to the Alloy Podcast Facebook page (link below) and tell them your story!

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01. For Today – “Devestator”
02. Chelsea Grin – “Recreant”
03. Attila – “Rage”
04. Foghat – “Slow Ride” (by request via Facebook)
05. A Pyrrhis Victory – “The Preceptor”
06. Memphis May Fire – “The Sinner”
07. After the Burial – “Aspirations”
08. Iwrestledabearonce – “Karate Nipples”
09. Born of Osiris – “Now Arise”
10. Emmure – “False Love in Real Life”

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