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Episode Summary: In this episode, the Alloy Boys discuss how awesome robot voices are and talk about a new social network both of them have discovered called GetGlue. Matt also talks a bit about the live experience that was The Contortionist, Textures, The Human Abstract and Periphery show. The boys also got an interview with Levi Benton of Miss May I while they were at Warped Tour this year, and they are going to roll it out for you!

Matt and Ben have both been enjoying their Spotify experience. Matt managed to get a bunch of invites from Spotify to send out to all of you that would like to try Spotify for free. All the details are in the episode, so give it a listen!

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01. Textures – “Singularity”
02. The Contortionist – “Vessel”
03. Fire in the Skies – “Echo”
04. Dusks Embrace – “As Vestiges Pale”
05. After the Burial – “Berserker”
06. I Declare War – “Federal Death Alliance”
07. Serianna – “Inheritors”
08. Veil of Maya – “Dark Passenger”
09. Miss May I – “Relentless Chaos”
10. Smaragos – “Scaphist”

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