The Skinny: Close Your Eyes impressed us in early 2010 with their debut album We Will Overcome, and the band have since gone from strength to strength, playing many more shows and opening on a national tour for A Day To Remember.

Their powerful pop punk/hardcore sound features a distinctly ‘inspirational’ theme lyrically, although they don’t market themselves strictly as a Christian band. Keen not to confine themselves to the Christian music genre, the band writes songs to portray meaning on a level that anyone can appreciate, regardless of faith.

Close Your Eyes’ signature sound comes from Shane Raymond’s soaring vocals, as he sings with a passion and conviction that many similar bands often lack. The band features Brett Callaway and Andrew Rodriguez on guitars, and while the guitar style is exactly what you’d expect from the post-punk hardcore genre, they complement each other perfectly and help fill out the songs to create a huge and energetic sound.

If you’re a fan of Against Me!, A Day To Remember, or Rise Against, then Close Your Eyes are definitely worth checking out; they’re noisy and enthusiastic, and make for a thoroughly enjoyable listen.  [ END ]

Genre(s): Post-Hardcore, Hardcore, Pop Punk, Melodic Hardcore, Christian