Not only are all-girl Texan three-piece Not Ur Girlfrenz managed by Jaret Reddick of Texan pop-punk favourites Bowling For Soup but, along with Canadian’s Simple Plan, they’ll be joining the pop-punk stars on their UK tour which kicks off tonight in Glasgow.

It’s not the first time the girls have been to the U.K. though so we decided to see how much they remembered about the U.K. by getting guitarist/vocalist Liv Haynes to play a little game of word association.

Before we get down to business though, here’s a video the girls recorded during their last visit to the UK in 2018:

01. English Weather
Liv: We had heard about how bad the weather was before we came to the U.K. last time and when we got there it was actually really nice! In fact, it only rained one day and we had prepared for dreary rainy days each night.

02. English Music
Liv: LOVE LOVE LOVE. I mean c’mon y’all have brought over legends like The Beatles, Queen, David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, and so many more. That’s not to mention all the new amazing artists like The 1975 and YUNGBLUD. English music has been such a huge inspiration for me and my band.

03. English Television Shows
Liv: When my sister Gigi(bass) and I were little our parents used to play CBeebies for us so we know a ton of English kids television shows and none of our friends would know the references we made (laughs). Also, gotta love The Office (UK version) of course. Also, can we just say that the Great British Bake Off is one of the best cooking shows out there!

04. English Food
Liv: I love English food and cannot wait to try even more when we come back. I don’t care what the others say I will eat beans for breakfast any day.

Can’t imagine Not Your Girlfrenz lived on a diet of beans when they spent the Summer at “Warped”:

05. English Football Teams
Liv: Football as in soccer? (laughs) I only know that David Beckham does that. My apologies!

06. Favourite English Music Venues
Liv: I cannot wait to play the O2 Academy Brixton in London and the Brighton Centre. They’re gonna be the two biggest shows we’ve played in the U.K.

07. Favourite Thing About Coming to the UK
Liv: The fans! And the accents of course. We can’t wait to be back and surrounded by English culture all together. There are castles everywhere and it makes us feel like princesses!

08. What is the one thing you’d take back from the UK to America that you don’t have over there?
Liv: Not that America is void of it but the love and appreciation of music.

Getting to tour the world, it’s easy to see why Not Ur Girlfrenz say they’ll “Never Stop”:

Tour Dates (w/ Bowling For Soup, Simple Plan):

02/10 – Glasgow, O2 Academy
02/11 – Newcastle, O2 Academy
02/12 – Birmingham, O2 Academy
02/13 – Manchester, O2 Victoria Warehouse
02/14 – London, O2 Academy Brixton
02/15 – Brighton, Centre


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