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B.C. Musician Myriam Parent Shines Light on Her Withbloom Project’s Single “Vague”

Victoria, B.C. artist Myriam Parent joins us to discuss her project Withbloom and the track “Vague” from the October 2019 acapella album, Let It Come.



Like the lush, fecund, and serene environments of her hometown of Victoria, BC, Myriam Parent’s Withbloom is an all-acappella project that pollinates the mind and spirit. The album Let It Come, co-produced, recorded, and mixed by Eric Hogg (Soma Sound), dropped in the fall of 2019 to give audiences a chance to explore the unique sounds of Withbloom.

After a transition from singing and writing in French into entirely English speaking music, Myriam developed her love of acappella over the years, and used Let It Come as a testing out of all her ideas in that realm. The resulting album is a fresh, powerful take on the human experience; from the arresting beauty of the immediate to the ancient bloodlines that define us all. The album’s opener, “Vague,” is perhaps the most accessible and captivating of the tunes, and we are honoured to have Myriam join us to shine some light on the song’s genesis, recording and themes.

Enjoy being “Vague” alongside Withbloom.

How did the track come to be? (Was its idea inspired by anything in particular?)

Myriam Parent “‘Vague’ comes from a purely instrumental piano composition I created about two or three years ago. I adapted the melody of the right hand to fit my vocal range (the left hand became the other vocal harmonies).”


Do you have any fun facts or tidbits about the recording process?

Parent “Not so much the recording process, but the writing was agonizing, and I doubted I’d ever be able to do it! Finished the text in Whitehorse while visiting a friend, at night, when her children were sleeping.”

Anything on the track’s meaning or themes?

Parent “Tossing around ideas about lineage and ancestry; from my colonial European roots to future generations to come, and what it means to be home.”


Let It Come dropped October 26, 2019.