The Skinny: With Fall Out Boy and Paramore having enjoyed the saccharine taste of success, it’s surprising that former label-mates Punchline are pretty much unheard of. Despite their somewhat unmemorable, vaguely ska-inspired first album, they grew into a pretty great band, releasing their last album under previous record label Fueled By Ramen in 2006, titled 37 Everywhere.

After winning’s Contraband Contest, Punchline put the prize money to good use by forming their own label, Modern Short Stories. Via this new label they released albums Just Say Yes and the fantastic Delightfully Pleased.

Punchline blend sweet harmonies with straight up rock, and as a band that prides themselves on their live shows, you’d be doing yourself a favor to go and check them out. It is something of a shame that they haven’t seen as much international-level fame as other comparable acts, but on the plus side, you’re unlikely to be able to enjoy an intimate show and a post-gig beer with Paramore, right? Punchline are simply uncontrived rock at its best.  [ END ]

Genre(s): Pop Punk, Punk, Emo, Alternative, Punk Rock