Having been together just over a year, Norwich-born electronic, trip-hop-inspired duo Drive By Hazy have already started to earn themselves a reputation throughout the industry with key figures at BBC Introducing and in the music scene in Nottingham where the pair relocated to already labelling the pair as ones to watch.

Drive Through Hazy consists of Bridget Holmes, a classically-trained musician, whose solo musical career is comprised of acoustic piano, vocal and flute performances, as principal songwriter, lyricist and singer and Joe Antill as producer, arranger, and all-around instrumentalist. The pair bonded over their mutual love of trip-hop music. Bridget’s sultry voice and eerie lyrics combined with Joe’s experimental electronic production is a promising concoction for great trip-hop.

Continuing on from the success of their last single, Denizen Records have now just released the pair’s second single “Critter” and you can check it out below.

Speaking about the song, Bridget explains:

“The ‘Critter’ is meant to embody someone that is self-centred, inward-looking and ego-driven. However, despite all of this, people still love them and go out of their way to be close to them. Do you know a Critter too?”

To find out more about the duo, we had a quick chat with them.

Thanks for premiering your new single with us. The theme of the song seems quite personal, what prompted you to write it?

Bridget Holmes: “The song is very much anecdotal but explores a very real theme. The theme of dependence on a partner, even when a relationship is toxic.”

Will the rest of your songs follow a similar theme?

Joe Antill: “Bridget’s songwriting often explores the theme of the ‘vulnerable woman’… This theme certainly comes from a place of irony.”

Artwork for ‘Critter’ by Drive Through Hazy

You’ve been together for about a year? How did you meet and how did the idea to work together come about?

Bridget Holmes: “We met in our home town, Norwich, when studying our first two years of University. We moved to Nottingham to complete our third year and this is when Drive Through Hazy really took off. Joe is a wonderful producer, and I’m a prolific songwriter. Our shared strengths when brought together, are a great musical recipe.”

You both come from different musical backgrounds, why do you think it works together so well?

Bridget Holmes: “Joe, having prior experience in electronic production, made him the perfect man for creating the experimental trip-hop backings my songs greatly needed. We genuinely love the music that we create – this certainly helps.”

You have two singles out now and all seems to be going really well, what are your ambitions for the future?

Bridget Holmes: “These singles are only two of 5 that we are yet to release.”

Can you tell us the thought process behind relocating from Norwich to Nottingham?

Bridget Holmes: “NTU has a Norwich based campus where you can study for a foundation degree. Joe and I both joined this course, with the intention of going to Nottingham to gain a full degree. Little did we know that moving to Nottingham would be the best thing for our music. We won the NTU “Single of the Year”, with our song “Critter”. This gave us so much additional support and exposure, that we would never have had if we hadn’t come.”

Good luck with the single, just to finish off what are your plans for the rest of 2022 and beyond?

Bridget Holmes: “Well as we mentioned, we will continue to release our 5 singles which will be collated into an EP at the end of the summer. We will continue to perform, write and create whacky music videos! Stay tuned, and thanks for having us.”


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