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Brother Leeds – ‘Love’s Young Nightmare’ [Album Review]

If you keep track of local bands that deliver a good rock ‘n roll show, put Brother Leeds on that list. Read our thoughts on their upcoming full-length, ‘Love’s Young Nightmare.’



London, Ontario four-piece rockers are set to finally drop their full-length release!

Love’s Young Nightmare is a ten-song, properly mixed and mastered follow-up to Brother Leeds‘ 2019 six-song self-titled EP. The band wanted to track their material for their full-length properly but were still aiming to keep their guys-next-door musical vibe happening. The 2019 EP was mixed live off the floor, giving it an authentic “garage” sound, something the group is fine with, given their desire to be heard as a live entity.

Right out of the gate, the band showcase all of their influences with the lead track “Cold Dead Hands,” a song so rife with Tragically Hip vibes it could be an unearthed demo from a few decades back. “Bottle Rocket” and “Say When” have a Replacements feel to them, both in the vocal delivery and the earthy musicality of both songs.

The album closes off with “Diamond Rings & Silver Crosses,” more of a ballad that throws back more to the seventies, showcasing the band’s admiration for acts like The Rolling Stones and The Band.

If you keep track of local bands that will deliver a good rock ‘n roll show, put Brother Leeds on that list. Love’s Young Nightmare gets released on June 26th, and there is an album release party on release day; Sunday, June 26th, 2022, at Eastsides Bar and Grill from 1 pm to 4 pm! $10 measly bucks will get you in the door to enjoy the festivities. The show will feature special guests, Newport Electric! Two great groups for one super low price!! The band members have a supply of the vinyl and CDs already in hand (how rare is THAT these days???). They will be selling them at the show.

Brother Leeds

Love’s Young Nightmare Track Listing:

1. Cold Dead Hands 03:32
2. Nosebleed 04:05
3. Bottle Rocket 02:22
4. So Far Away 04:23
5. Perpetual Motion 04:53
6. Someone Like You 04:45
7. Midnight Train 03:59
8. Lil’ Honeybee 03:55
9. Say When 02:25
10. Diamond Rings & Silver Crosses 04:27

Run Time: 38:46
Release Date: June 26, 2022
Record Label: Self-Released