Affiance’s new release, Blackout, dropped September 23, 2014 via Bullet Tooth Records. This album is full of solid songs with intense guitar and drum solos, and powerful vocals. Blackout also has some guitar squeals that threw me back to the days when the Power Rangers were in their prime, and vocals which, at times, took on a Protest The Hero-style falsetto. From beginning to end, this Blackout is packed with tunes that you won’t want to turn off.

Album opener, “FIRE!,” begins with vocalist Dennis Tvrdik hitting high notes even choirboys can’t hit. The vocal abilities, combined with the intensity of Brett Wondrak and Dominic Dickinson on guitars, Patrick Galante on drums, and Eric Thomas on bass, drives home the powerful message behind the rest of Affiance’s songs.

For those of us that need to thrash around a bit, Blackout possesses some heavy-hitting breakdowns; and if throwing down in the mosh pit isn’t your jam, try out the head-banging guitar and drum solos peppered through the disc.

Affiance remains consistent on this album, nailing it track after track. You won’t want to turn it off, and if you do, you’ll immediately suffer the withdrawal symptoms including, but not limited to: the desperate need for vocals at incredibly high ranges, guitar squealing, double kick pedal, heavy bass, and an inability to stop head banging.

Track Listing:

01. FIRE!
02. Blackout
03. Limitless
04. Darkest
05. Monuments Fail
06. In Justice
07. Brothers
08. Death Cycle
09. No Peace
10. ‘Midnight

Run Time: 38:01
Release Date: September 23, 2014

Check out the song “FIRE!”