You may know Affiance for their hilariously genius music video, “Call To The Warrior,” or for their epic cover of “The Final Countdown,” but rest assured their brilliance does not end there. These Cleveland rockers are doing metalcore right, and are bringing their massive sound to the masses via their new full-length album, Blackout.

Cleveland metalcore heavyweights Affiance, have embarked on a CD release tour with Phinehas for their third full-length album Blackout, bringing their hard work and harder sounds to eager fans across the U.S. I was lucky enough to catch the band at California Brew Haus in Rochester, New York a few days ago where, despite a few unlucky setbacks, they still blew the roof off the place.

Affiance are excited to launch the worldwide stream of their new song “The Final Countdown”. Fans have seen the band play the song live and have been BEGGING them to record it, so they did, and here it is. Said vocalist Dennis Tvrdik: “We wanted to do a song that everyone would know no matter what their age or favorite music. We also wanted to do a song that most other bands in our genre couldn’t pull off, allowing us to show off our abilities. If we do any more covers, they will most definitely be songs that showcase vocal talent and sweet solos like this one. Yeah it’s cheesy, but that’s what makes it fun!”