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The Skinny: The Twin is a musical phenomenon with a plethora of genres, creating a sound that can hardly be compared to many modern day metal acts. They spawn from Canada in the small town of Cambridge within the southern depths of Ontario. No matter what music you listen to, there’s no denying the fact that these four fellows can have you dancing off your feet; bringing on the mosh, or singing your hearts out.

From catchy rock-anthem like hooks, to “edge of your seat” build-ups and breakdowns; they are more than just a band, they are cereal bowl full of experimental and progressive mayhem. As pseudo bands get weeded out by lack of showmanship, professionalism and overall togetherness, The Twin wants to prove once and for all that best friends can create any sense of well-being through the power of music. The Twin will always leave you wanting more. Like a story from start to finish: This is a book to be read over and over.  [ END ]