The last time we caught up with masters of metalcore Suicide For A King, they were pointing out “The Worst in Us,” with their first piece of new music since last fall. We helped bring you the exclusive premiere of their “The Worst in Us” music video, and with such a positive reaction, we just had to bring you more!

The Montreal, Quebec quintet has been so kind as to offer up the track as a free high-quality MP3 download for you to scream along to anytime, anywhere. Previously just a single, “The Worst in Us” can now be found on Suicide For A King’s brand new, four-song EP, Corrupted Vision, which was just released on July 30th. The song is primarily focused on how our anger can take control of our lives to the point that it becomes all-consuming. Once you become so entrenched with it, you no longer have the ability to see reality for what it actually is.

Regarding “The Worst in Us,” the band said, “Emotions play a significant role in the human experience itself and can have a profound impact on one’s life both very positively and extremely negatively. Your life can be altered and a new path set because of a moment of indecision or the wrong decision.”

Weighing in on Corrupted Vision, and where it’s at thematically, lead singer Jay Rodriguez said, “This EP is about life, thoughts, lessons, and regrets. I hope the listeners will experience the same journey I did through the process of writing them. Just sit and try to live every part of the songs like it was your story.”

Corrupted Vision marks the start of a darker era for Suicide For A King, with its exploration of the pains of being human. The band has been on a tear since 2019 when they discovered Rodriguez on Kijiji and enlisted him into the group. Before that, the missing link within the quintet was that strong voiced, charismatic presence that all great frontmen have. Rodriguez has very capably filled that void and helped the band reach new heights. They’ve been a band for six years now, but the true glory days for Suicide For A King are just getting started.

Corrupted Vision Track Listing:so

1. The Worst in Us
2. Enemy
3. Misconception
4. Timelapse

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