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The Black Light – “Left For Dead” [Free Song Download]

After playing together for 25 years, it’s no wonder that the chemistry sounds so natural and organic on The Black Light’s new single “Left For Dead.” Grab an exclusive download today!



After playing together for 25 years, it’s no wonder that the chemistry sounds so natural and organic on The Black Light’s new single “Left For Dead.” It’s been a long time coming, but the proficient duo of Martin Bassett and Andrew Watt is just about to drop their sophomore full-length record, Unnatural Order, the album on which you’ll find “Left For Dead” and their most recent single “Try.” To celebrate the news, we’ve teamed with the band to offer a free, high-quality MP3 download of “Left For Dead.”

Bassett and Watt have put an incredible amount of thought and effort into Unnatural Order since they began developing it all the way back in the middle of 2018. Thankfully, it’s now arrived, and it’s just as hungry and ambitious as their debut full-length All Forgotten Dreams, released in 2017.

Regarding “Left For Dead,” Watt states:

“We originally had a pot of 25 tracks in contention for the final album track list, and ‘Left For Dead’ was one of the last to be written. Strangely, many of the best tracks came right at the end of the writing phase. It was one of several to be written from the drums up, which has proven to be a satisfying writing method for the band; it has allowed us both to step outside of our comfort zones a bit more.

“Lyrically, it was inspired by Martin being made redundant from his job, with the associated back-stabbing and cloak and dagger movements leaving a bitter aftertaste. It is one our favourite tracks on the album, so we’re happy for it be the first track for old and potential new fans to hear. We feel it mixes the best elements of progressive rock and pop music, incorporating tricky rhythms amongst a variety of different sections, but still making time to deliver a big satisfying chorus.”


Bassett and Watt’s 25-year history extends back to when they first met in college and began playing music together. It took until 2011 for them to release their debut EP Lost In The Middle which only scratched the surface of the bold, visionary approach that you heard on All Forgotten Dreams and will experience on Unnatural Order.

While their musical tastes lie more on the progressive side of things, Bassett and Watt are able to bring it all together within an accessible, pop-rock sound that’s extremely radio-friendly. When it comes to songwriting, their aim is to write catchy hooks, but combine them with more complex song structures, unusual rhythms, and radiant riffs. Based on those goals, it’s all come together very well for The Black Light, as they embark on the next chapter of their musical adventure.

Artwork for the single “Left For Dead” by The Black Light

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