The Skinny: As I was cruising MySpace trying to find a specific band, I noticed the genres of one particular band were listed as: Lounge, Punk, Tropical. Curious as to what this combination could possibly sound like, I investigated and discovered Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s Cartilage Party. These guys are so incredibly unique that I can’t help but love and appreciate them. I can’t see too many people who aren’t musicians being into these guys, but I love them.

The band consists of a guitarist, bassist, drummer, and a horn section complete with trombone, saxophone, and trumpet. The band also has a vocalist that seems to be scarcely heard on the tracks currently available on their MySpace page; however, he apparently provides “noise” as well… awesome.

So what does this band sound like? They claim to sound like “goats having anal sex”, but Cartilage Party really is quite a mosaic of different sounds. This eclectic mix can only be defined by saying “What the fuck was that?” A question I am sure is asked many-a-time at their shows or when unsuspecting MySpace users happen to come across the page.

I can’t find anything I don’t like about this band. Their record label is called Tardis Records… TARDIS! I love Doctor Who! Actually, this band needs to tour and come to Toronto, that’s what this band needs.

So if you appreciate really unique music, are a fan of bands like A Billion Ernies or are just into the background music during an acid trip scene out of movie circa 1967, check out Cartilage Party. You can pick up their album, Velcro Scalp, HERE for only $5.  [ END ]

Genres: Noise, Psychedelic, Punk, Spazzcore