solid state records


Hardcore bands seem to always put on the most intense shows, I find. One of these such groups is none other then Solid State Records artists and Greensboro, NC natives, To Speak Of Wolves. This band simply destroys stages and homes with their hectic live performances. To assist with said destruction, guitarist Corey Doran uses a Sovtek Mig 60 Head in his rig. Check out why this head does the trick for his amazing sound!

Since the release of their last disc, the critically acclaimed Celestial Completion, Becoming The Archetype has replaced both front man/bassist Jason Wisdom and drummer Brent Duckett. The lineup is not the only thing that has changed though, as unlike the experimental, genre bending Celestial Completion, I Am is a blistering, face-melting, technical monster of a disc that just blew me away!

Howdy cowboys and cowgirls, welcome to another installment of Tattoo Talk. This time we have To Speak Of Wolves vocalist Gage Speas talking about the sweet inkage he has gotten over time. If anyone has seen TSOW live they’re sure to know this guy loves his tattoos. Check out what Gage has to say about his tattoos and the meaning behind them.

Captors is the full-length follow-up to Wolves At The Gate’s critically acclaimed 2011 EP. Many bands fall into the dreaded sophomore slump or cave into the pressure and fade into oblivion, but these guys have avoided that trap altogether. Captors is a heavy and melodic testament to the band’s maturity as musicians and songwriters. After listening to this disc it is evident they have fully come into their own, proving they are a force to be reckoned with.

Let me start off by saying I enjoyed this album more than my PGA counterpart, Bruce Moore – as you can see by my review’s rating versus his. The thing that I like the most about this album is that new front man Gage Speas does both the clean vocals AND the screaming – it’s fantastic. Then you take a song like “A Simple Though That Changed Everything” and get a curve ball as it doesn’t feature any screaming at all! Instead it really showcases Gage’s singing talents. With that being said, this album is darn near close to perfect.