I was first turned onto Silent Planet a few years back while I was attending the Vans Warped Tour, and I took an immediate interest in their heavy yet very unique style of metal. Their last release, Everything Was Sound, had been in regular rotation for a while, so I was definitely interested in what When the End Began brought to the table.

While I guess the album is still technically considered metalcore, pretty much everything they do is a bit out of the box and, at times, a bit avant-garde and unconventional. One moment you are banging your head to a solid, face-melting riff, and the next, it seems you are at a poetry slam at the local book store.

Silent Planet does not follow the standard conventions of metalcore and there doesn’t seem to be a riff-centric guitar thing going on with every track. Some of the tracks almost feel as if the vocal line is the riff and the guitars take a back seat. On one hand, When the End Began is fresh, creative, and forward thinking, and on the other hand, sometimes it is difficult to wrap your ears around. This is not the kind of record you just throw on and hang out; for me, at least, there is too much going on.

Give the intense, vitriolic “Afterdusk” a listen.

Lyrically, the band stay true to form, writing deeply personal, socially conscious songs that tackle heavy issues like mental health, addiction and relationships, all from a faith-centred point of view. When The End Began is a good, solid record that I will most definitely revisit in the future. However, it probably won’t be in regular rotation due to its extremely complex nature.

When the End Began Track Listing:

01. Thus Spoke
02. The New Eternity
03. Northern Fires (Guernica)
04. Afterdusk
05. Visible Unseen
06. Look Outside: Dream
07. Vanity of Sleep
08. In Absence
09. Share the Body
10. Firstborn (Ya’aburnee)
11. Lower Empire
12. Look Inside: Awake
13. The Anatomy of Time (Babel)
14. Depths II

Run Time: 49:27
Release Date: November 2, 2018
Record Label: Solid State Records