Members of The Dillinger Escape Plan, Extol, and Sea + Air have joined together to form a new experimental band called Azusa. The band has announced that they will be releasing their debut record Heavy Yoke on November 16th through Solid State Records. Below you can check out their debut music video for “Interstellar Islands.”

The sound of this new project may shock you if you’re expecting it to sounds like any of the bands mentioned above as it will definitely be one of the most experimental and unexpected releases of the year. “Interstellar Islands’ was one of our first creations and it is the perfect example of what Azusa is all about musically,” the band said. “It’s the obvious introduction to the Azusa universe.”

Asuza’s sound is a thrash-fusion conglomeration. Can you imagine Kate Bush as the lead singer of Slayer? We can’t either. Reflecting on life’s existential mysteries, the group’s lyrics seek to explore cognitive dissonances at the crossroads of upbringing, mysticism, belief and betrayal. The music finds strength in vulnerability, harmony in dissonance, and melody in discord.

The band commented on its debut, saying, “This album is special for all of us and we’re currently feeling the same excited feelings we got before we debuted any of our previous efforts. We are really fortunate to have been able to create these songs together and to be able to share them with fans of our former and current bands, as well as new fans.”

“It has been such a relief crafting music without having any outside expectations placed on us. Turning to creative playfulness with a more relaxed and intuitive approach to songwriting, we feel that this collection of songs will hold a unique space in the atmosphere of heavy music.”