“The American Nightmare Tour” is currently making its way through the United States (+ a stop in Canada). Selling out venue after venue, the tour has proven to be one of, if not THE most exciting lineups coming around this spring. Adding Underoath to the bill was a solid choice for Bring Me the Horizon – one that has undoubtedly contributed to the overall success and buzz of the tour.

Though the Tsongas Arena seemed to have some issues getting the crowd through security and into the building in a timely manner, the arena was packed by the time Underoath took the stage. The energy that Underoath had on stage made this feel like it was their first night of the tour — where weeks of anticipation were finally being let out. I’ve been to shows where the artists seemed to drag during the performance, but you can’t blame them because being on the road day after day is an exhausting job. Underoath truly gives the audience their best night after night and they show now signs of slowing down.

Of course, the show would not have been complete without “It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door,” “Writing on the Walls,” and “A Boy Brushed Red Living In Black and White” on the set list. Even though I’ve been blasting Underoath’s music through crappy speaker systems for years (yes, it’s 2017 and I still listen to music off my phone via a cassette adapter thanks to the age of my car), this was the first time I had the pleasure of catching them live. I was blown away by the performance. From the moment the first note came over the speakers to the very last, Underoath put on one hell of a show and I can only hope that they will make it back through this area soon.