I’m super-late to the Forevermore party. This album came out back in July, and I’ve been stuck in a maze this whole time. Luckily, I ate my way out and got a chance to jam this album for the past few weeks. Short summary – killer. But, for those who like to look at words describing sounds, you’re in luck.

With broad strokes, one could say that this is a “metal” album, but more specifically, Forevermore falls into a unique category of metal that’s becoming more and more popular. Heavily influenced by metalcore, bands like Forevermore are defining themselves with increasingly more creative riff/song-writing and rhythms. Not quite prog, although some might call it progressive in the sense that it’s pushing the metal genre forward, Forevermore bends typical song structure while still allowing the listener to follow along with head nods.

The riffs show off some serious technique, so thumbs up, if you’re into that kind of thing, and the syncopation gets real-real. But, luckily the drumming still keeps you grounded and helps carry the bounce. Speaking of which, there are some seriously bouncy rhythms at times. Keep an ear out for “Enterprise”, where you get lost in a bouncy, almost breakdown riff that’s permeated with lead guitar. Through all of this music, which some might go so far as to describe as “dense”, there is still room for some super-catchy chorus hooks and mad brutal scream vocals in between.

From cover to cover, this album is a beast. There are no snooze tracks, and the pacing throughout the album is perfect. Short, mysterious intro straight into the havoc, brief breathing room, the mid-tempo contemplative track and ending with the title track. Brilliant work, guize.

Integral Track Listing:

01. I
02. Nascent
03. Noumina
04. Overlord
05. Order
06. Enterprise
07. Empath
08. Ikigai
09. Prism
10. Pandemica
11. Integral

Run Time: 40:30
Release Date: July 22, 2016

Check out the song “Nascent”