Here it goes… Dohse, the solo project of the former frontman of Fight the Quiet, is set to release its debut EP, Old Roads, on September 9th. “End of Main St” is the first single from the forthcoming album and is now available for streaming – listen below. The song is also available for purchase beginning today, so hit your nearest digital retailer (say iTunes and get buying!

Emerging Washington, DC folk-rock collective The Deadmen, debuted their latest 7″ “Crystal” recently with The Four Oh Five. Already championed for their commitment to substance in songwriting, “Crystal” and the release’s B-Side “Sunday Afternoons” will further remind us that popular music can indeed have a soul. You can also download it digitally on iTunes, Amazon and most of your other favorite download sites.

The band Across Tundras is a group of musicians who have actually been able to successfully construct their own fusion of music which is simultaneously seamless and creative. This past April the band released their latest LP, Electric Relics, via Neurot Recordings. Recorded by Mikey Allred and Tanner Olson at Ramble Hill Farm during February of 2013, the album would also be mixed and mastered by Allred.

When You Have Arrived is the sophomore release from the Seattle-based indie/Americana band, Campfire OK. While this is not my usual fare, I can and do appreciate music outside of the metal realm and Campfire OK fits the bill perfectly. When You Have Arrived is a disc that I think requires multiple listens in order to really appreciate all the subtle, yet complex parts at work within each of the tracks.

The eight tracks on the debut album by The Villains is a look into the eyes and hearts of a band with real life stories to tell. From the breezy optimism of “Let’s Forget About It Tonight” to the reflective musings of a band on the road in “Going Deaf For A Living”, The Villains weave a seamless backdrop of rock, pop and country that speaks to the soul. The sound is fun and reflective… they think you’ll agree.