New Jersey-based indie rock outfit Yawn Mower recently unveiled the music video for “Elevation,” a track from their debut album, To Each Their Own Coat, which dropped in the final quarter of 2022.

Formed in 2015, Yawn Mower comprises Mike Chick (guitars, vocals) and Biff Swenson (drums). Since then, the band has dropped a series of singles, compilations, and EPs, along with performing at SXSW. Yawn Mower’s sound, compressed and drenched in fuzz, conjures up suggestions of R.E.M.

Directed by drummer Biff Swenson, the music video was shot at a friend’s deli during a three-hour window, including appearances by every musical guest appearing on the album, To Each Their Own Coat, playing the roles of employees and customers.

“Elevation” opens on deep, vibrating tones flowing into a loose, potent rhythm topped by Chick’s effortless vocals, vaguely reminiscent of Michael Stipe. Spidery, almost jangly guitars imbue the tune with hazy, shimmering leitmotifs, followed by ramping up to thicker fleecy washes of sound on the chorus.

Mike Chick’s laidback vocal delivery lends itself to weary philosophizing about the drudgery of daily routine.

“Never thought that we would / Dance around like we should / Elevation at its best.”

Chronicling the humdrum landscape of working a monotonous job, “Elevation” hoists itself up on contagious layers of indie-rock.

Yawn Mower

Run Time: 4:02
Release Date: January 13, 2023
Record Label: Mint 400 Records