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Nvmeral – “SOL” [Song Review]

Oxfordshire newcomers Nvmeral deliver a nice slice of progressive post-hardcore on their new track “Sol.” Read our thoughts here.



This writer spent many years immersed in the thriving Oxfordshire gig circuit, a place where you could pick any day of the week and find a raft of bands from blues to punk to metal playing at one of the many bars or clubs across the city. Although time has taken me away from a place which gave me some great memories, it’s still wonderful to see a thriving community with groups like progressive post-hardcore act Nvmeral keeping the heartbeat alive.

Inspired by the likes of Alexisonfire and Thrice, the driving blasts of raw post-hardcore are pinned together by the more melodic, progressive passages that sweep through their sound. By combining these two polar opposites, the new single “SOL” ends up being quite an attention-grabbing ride, and while this is a band still very much in its infancy, having only come together during lockdown, the ideas, the passion and the previous experience show a group that is heading in the right direction as they bring it all together.

The song sees vocalist Ricky Taylor looking inwardly and exploring his mental health with the dark times as well as the positive ones matching the mood-shifting music. With some great ideas in the bank, it won’t take much for Nvmeral to smooth out the rough edges and become a band who have potential beyond their local scene.

Run Time: 4:04
Release Date: October 20, 2022
Record Label: Self-Release

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