After working with premiere artists such as Madonna, Max Martin, and Lana del Rey, songwriter Sterling Fox decided to leave that business behind and transform into the off-kilter, dark-pop enigma, Baby FuzZ. With his 2019 debut, Plastic Paradise, Baby FuzZ introduced his normcore-infused-with-glam-rock tunes to the world; it sounds odd, but to the experimental ears of many listeners, it works.

Now, with the upcoming 2021 album, Welcome to the Future, Baby FuzZ is ready to graduate into true avant-garde, cult-staple territory with a concept album described as an “expansive yet claustrophobic opus of bedroom glam rock…and good old fashioned American absurdity.” I get it, you’re interested but confused. Enter “Acid Night”; now available as a free song download. The unusual ballad is a somewhat-bizarre experience even without the LSD, but the melancholic, borderline-hopeful vibes are wrought with stunning saxophone work to wrap the entire song together.

On the trippy tune, Baby FuzZ offers the following: “‘Acid Night’ is a song I wrote about feeling a sense of impending doom and the idea that things have gotten really weird. I wrote it while on an acid trip at a baseball game last summer. I guess it’s like a dark vision of America that I had at the time. It just felt like something awful was about to happen and people were unaware of it. I guess it’s timely now in 2020.”

Packaged with an exceptional video, “Acid Night” is ready for your listen, so give it a chance and enjoy “acid night in the US of A.”

Artwork for “Acid Night” by Baby FuzZ