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Dirty Snowman Society’s “Eleven Days Gone” Video Delivers Ice-Melting Blues-Rock [Premiere]



If you were looking for Frosty, well, he’s banned from membership for his goody-two-shoes personality so you better look elsewhere. You gotta be slick and groovy if you’re going to gain entry into Dirty Snowman Society. If you check out the lyric video for this group’s brand new single, “Eleven Days Gone,” you’ll see what we mean. The tunes bluesy riff-rock pays homage to rock groups of the past who so artfully joined the worlds of blues and rock together. Backed by a groovy riff, lead vocalist Frank Costanti sings of remorse and escaping from the past on “Eleven Days Gone” while staying true to the band’s trademark swagger.

Guitarist Christopher Todoroff explained the musical aspects of how “Eleven Days Gone” was composed, detailing the background on how each member contributed to the final product. “It was written in open G on the guitar, which gave it a bluesy, almost Stonesy kind of feel with maybe a couple chord moves that remind us at least of what might have happened if Burt Bacharach hung out with Keith Richards for a couple days. We ran with that feel, which also led to a heavier use of keys on the track along with both an electric and acoustic rhythm track. Jonnie (Law) had just the right feel on his lead guitar on this one, as did Pat (Linfante) on the bass line.”

Todoroff elaborated further, saying “The chord progression is a little unusual and follows what we wanted to sing to tell the story. It’s really fun to play, Jon had some fun in the studio making his Paul Reed Smith sound like a motorcycle engine. We kept some of that and put it near the beginning of the track. For us, a fun one to crank up in the car and sing along, especially in the summer.”

“Eleven Days Gone” will be found on a planned EP tentatively titled I’m Melting, which was recently recorded in Denver, Brechenridge and New York. You can be certain you’ll hear plenty more of Dirty Snowman Society’s big-sounding, melodic and bluesy riffs on that EP, with even some gospel-like harmonies.

The quartet originally joined forces from very different backgrounds. We’re not just talking musical backgrounds here, we’re talking dudes from completely different job worlds. Todoroff is a former practicing lawyer, Costanti, a New York Times best-selling author, Law, a former skiing and golf instructor, and Linfante, a past technical death metal bassist. How’s that for diversity? Despite their varied pasts, they have all bonded together over a shared affection for pure rock n’ roll, and no matter where we come from, that’s something we can all share in.

Artwork for ‘Eleven Days Gone’ by Dirty Snowman Society