Allow us to introduce to you Petrol Hoers, the first, and one and only innovator of “horsecore.” Today we’re debuting the artist’s new song “Music Is Serious Business,” and you’re probably as confused as you possibly could be right now, so allow us to explain. Hoers is a musician, producer, performer and also a horse. Well, not an actual horse, but you know how the massively successful electronic artist deadmau5 wears mouse ears on stage during a performance? Yeah, it’s sort of like that.

Hoers’ music mixes elements of grindcore, gabba, punk rock and of course, comedy. In his live performances, Hoers dons a horse mask, along with his on-stage cohorts, to create a truly unique and innovative stage performance like no other. Really, you won’t believe your eyes and you probably won’t believe your ears, that what you’re experiencing is actually really something original, innovative, and ultimately enjoyable!

“Music Is Serious Business” and so is this track!

“Music Is Serious Business” comes from Hoers’ brand new album I Don’t Know, Just Horse Stuff, I Guess, scheduled for release on August 31st. Music really is serious business when you think about it, and to be successful in this dog-eat-dog (or should we say horse-eat-horse?) world, you have to be willing to power your way towards the worldwide success you crave and desire.

Fortunately, Petrol Hoers is here to guide you through it all. Of the new record, Hoers “neighs,” “I hope you enjoy my albom, please pretend you did not hear the buckfast pun… I would like to use that in another song….”

Not a lot is known about Hoers, but one thing is clear; he’d really like you to give I Don’t Know, Just Horse Stuff, I Guess an honest listen. Let Petrol Hoers and ‘horsecore’ be your alternative in 2019.

Want more horsecore? Check out Hoers’ “#Horseproblems:”

I Don’t Know, Just Horse Stuff, I Guess is due out on August 31st. Check out the single artwork for “Music Is Serious Business:”


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