Released on October 24th, we’re proud to be helping Providence, Rhode Island-based pop-punkers, Hello, Atlantic promote their latest single “Like Clockwork”. Mixing catchy hooks and melodious moments with a decent dose of alt-rock influence, the group have had an excellent response after playing this year’s man stage at Vans Warped Tour. Now, with their Breaking Orbit on the horizon, we’re sharing in the Thanksgiving celebrations with this exclusive list of the guys’ TOP 10 pop-punk bands to be thankful for.

10. Taking Back Sunday
Eric: I first discovered Taking Back Sunday in 2006 when they were touring for Louder Now. I went to go see one of the openers on that tour, but as soon as I left that show, Taking Back Sunday had gained a new fan.

09. Four Year Strong
Eric: Four Year Strong was a band I had discovered by word of mouth. One of my friends had suggested that I listen to their Rise Or Die Trying record. I instantly fell in love with them, and bought all of their records since.

08. Neck Deep
Ian: Neck Deep isn’t a band I’ve been interested in for very long. They played right after us at Warped Tour, so while we were loading all of our equipment out, they were playing and I got to listen and it really turned me on to them. I’ve been a fan ever since.

07. Paramore
Eric: Paramore is one of those bands that I discovered by accident. I was in the car with someone and they came on the radio. After the radio DJ had said who it was, I immediately went out and bought Riot. I figured if the rest of the record was as good as the song I heard on the radio, then it was worth the gamble! I wasn’t let down!

06. Panic! At The Disco
Ryan: Panic! At The Disco has always been a number one for all of us. As the years go on and Panic! releases more albums, you can really hear the music change and mature. Being such fans of them we can only hope to progress and mature much like Panic!, with hopes of someday being able to tour/play with them!

05. A Day To Remember
Ian: I first started listening to A Day To Remember around the time they put out Homesick. Honestly, they were one of my go to bands to listen to when I was angry. I could focus that negative energy into their music and it helped me relieve that aggression.

04. I, The Mighty
Ryan: I, The Mighty is a band that I have recently gotten into more and more. Since I’ve heard them I’ve wanted to take our band in this direction, especially their most recent release! It is exactly where we would like to go with our music!

03. Green Day
Ryan: Green Day for me is what really got me into Punk music. It all started when I heard Dookie and from then on out I knew that some day I would be in a band like this myself. A lot of what I play that has more of an upbeat punk feel, I model from Green Day, and fully admire what they did for Punk music, and being a band that doesn’t care what people think of them!

02. All Time Low
Ian: All Time Low was a favorite for me for a very long time. Originally, I started listening to them to impress a girl but I fell in love with them, and Alex Gaskarth was a huge idol of mine.

01. Blink-182
Eric: Blink-182 was the first band I ever got into. I was 10 when I started watching MTV, and one of the first videos I saw was What’s My Age Again?. I thought the song was great and the video was hilarious. Christmas was coming up and all I wanted was a Blink-182 cd to listen to. I got three. Best day of my life, and it was the day that I realized that I wanted to be in a band.

Watch Hello, Atlantic’s official video for their single “Like Clockwork” here.


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