“Chronometrophøbia” is the newest song from NØMADS‘ forthcoming PHOBIAC project. The band has been releasing a song a month since February and this is May’s song! PHOBIAC is NØMADS newest album. It is a conceptual collection of 12 songs based on different phobias, one of which will be released each month in the coming year.

In frontman Nathan Lithgow’s words, “The fear of clocks is very compelling to me as a sound-scape metaphor. As a physical object, a clock not only ‘tells’ time, but also represents the passing of time and the concrete idea of the present tense. ‘Chronometrophobia’ is tangentially connected to Chronophobia, the fear of time or of time’s passing, but as a compositional theme I think the clicks/ticks/tocks/beeps and bells provide a bit of textural context to the song as a whole.”

PHOBIAC Track Listing:

01. Traumatophobia
02. Achluphobia
03. Acrophobia
04. Dementophobia
05. Chronometrophobia
06. Automatonophobia
07. Ataxophobia
08. Autophobia
09. Phasmophobia
10. Megalophobia
11. Thassophobia
12. Sonophobia