Century Media Records artist Vampire has dropped a new track called “Revenants” from their sophomore album With Primeval Force. The band combines Swedish death metal darkness with the invincible force of Teutonic thrash metal and the nightmarish rapture of Scandinavian black metal. This is the third track to drop off of Vampire’s latest album after the release of “Ghoul Wind” and “Skull Prayer (rough mix).”

With Primeval Force Track Listing:

01. Knights Of The Burning Crypt (4:49)
02. He Who Speaks (3:26)
03. Metamorfosis (3:53)
04. Skull Prayer (2:20)
05. Midnight Trial (4:46)
06. Revenants (6:14)
07. Ghoul Wind (3:24)
08. Initiation Rites (4:35)
09. Scylla (4:39)