“Acrophobia” is the latest stream coming from NØMADS, a song based on the extreme fear of heights. The instrumental features the LA-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Max Braverman on drums and conjures up the sonic power of early Battles along with the gritty, razor sharp execution of ’90s post-rock groups such as Trans Am and Tortoise.

PHOBIAC is NØMADS newest album. It is a conceptual collection of 12 songs based on different phobias, one of which will be released each month in the coming year.

PHOBIAC Track Listing:

01. Traumatophobia
02. Achluphobia
03. Acrophobia
04. Dementophobia
05. Chronometrophobia
06. Automatonophobia
07. Ataxophobia
08. Autophobia
09. Phasmophobia
10. Megalophobia
11. Thassophobia
12. Sonophobia