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Neil Young – “Peace Trail” [Album Review]

Neil Young records aren’t there just to be listened to. The man writes music from the heart and soul. Read our review of his latest work here…



When you put on a Neil Young record, you’re not just listening to music. The legendary music man doesn’t just throw words together, add a nice melody, record a tune and then put out an album; instead, Young takes his passion for life and bares his soul with every lyric, touching on topics such as politics, nature, humanity, and social injustices. The seventy-one year old troubadour is an artist, a poet. His new album, Peace Trail is yet another work of art, with songs that touch on this generation’s concerns.

Peace Trail‘s ten tracks are soulful, raw, and extremely real. The third song, “Indian Givers”, is a defiant stance with his support for the protesters fighting an oil pipeline in North Dakota. Although the lyrics in each and every song have some form of meaning/tell a story, the melodies are laid-back and have an easy feel to them. Honestly, I was not the biggest fan of his last helping of music, but this go around, I completely dig.

Peace Trail Track Listing:

01. Peace Trail
02. Can’t Stop Workin’
03. Indian Givers
04. Show Me
05. Texas Rangers
06. Terrorist Suicide Hang Gliders
07. John Oaks
08. My Pledge
09. Glass Aciident
10. My New Robot

Run Time: 36:18
Release Date: December 9, 2016

Check out the track “Peace Trail”